LONDON, February 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Alstom is acutely aware of the pressures facing the UK employment market and understand the concerns many people have.

For the Staythorpe and Grain construction sites British workers will carry out two-thirds of the work from start to finish. The claim that we discriminate against British workers is simply not true.

Like the construction industry around the world, we use sub-contractors for most tasks. British companies win most bids in the UK, however some go to EU companies who will use their own workforce. Whether British or European, all workers are paid the same rates for the job. The claim that we undercut nationally agreed rates is simply not true.

Legally we cannot tell sub-contractors who to employ. However, where additional manpower is needed, we can and do encourage sub-contractors to actively consider recruiting suitably qualified, local workers. We have received written assurances that this will happen.

Notes to editors:

Alstom builds high-tech power stations around the world including the UK, which are critical to ensuring future energy supplies.

Alstom employs more than 76,000 people in over 70 countries these include around 5000 people in the UK.

Alstom is one of a handful of companies in the world with the technology, expertise and access to skills essential for building modern power stations.

Contacts: Deborah Risby UK Director of Communication Alstom Limited T: +44-7875-881-217 Email: Chatsworth T: +44-207-440-9780 Email:

Contacts: Deborah Risby, UK Director of Communication, Alstom Limited, T: +44-7875-881-217, Email: Chatsworth, T: +44-207-440-9780, Email: