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- Highlights Include Mac Cocoa Support, Domain-Specific Language Modeling and Updates to Equinox; Multi-Language Support Immediately Available

For the sixth year in a row, the Eclipse community has delivered its annual release train on its scheduled date. Galileo, the 2009 release train, is the largest ever release from the Eclipse community, comprising 33 projects and over 24 million lines of code. Over 380 committers from 44 different organizations participated to make this release possible.

The new features in the Galileo release reflect three important trends in the Eclipse community:

1) Expanding adoption of Eclipse in the enterprise 2) Innovation of Eclipse modeling technology 3) Advancement of EclipseRT runtime technology.

Each project has published 'new and noteworthy' documentation for their specific release. More details can be found at

For the first time ever, language translations of the Eclipse Platform project v3.5 will be available on the release date. Language packs for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Korean will be available immediately, and other languages and projects will be available when completed. This simultaneous release has been made possible by the Eclipse Babel project and the community of individuals and organizations that have provided translations.

With Galileo the Eclipse community demonstrates that large distributed software development can be done on a predictable schedule, explained Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. This predictability makes it possible for our user and adopter community to quickly adopt new releases from Eclipse.

The projects in the Galileo release train are now available for download at More information about Galileo is available at

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