BRUSSELS, November 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Ansell Healthcare, a global leader in barrier protective solutions, announces the launch of the AlphaTec(R)58-270, a new chemical-resistant glove. Designed as a liquid-proof glove requiring less force to grip oily parts, the AlphaTec(R)58-270 incorporates the Ansell Grip Technology(TM). The enhanced grip reduces fatigue and offers superior dexterity. The AlphaTec(R)58-270 is recommended for light handling applications in environments with potential chemical hazards, including the chemical industry, oil refineries and production, automotive and OEM markets, maintenance, metal, machinery equipment and building construction. AlphaTec(R)58-270 is a lighter version of the AlphaTec(R) 58-530 and 58-535 gloves which are recommended for medium to high duty chemical applications.

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Better skin protection

Many solvents, mastics, oils and other chemicals can cause skin irritation and allergy. Next to substituting these by products that do not cause dermatitis, avoiding skin contact by using gloves is an efficient mean to protect workers' skin. Up to now, workers handling harmful chemicals or oily parts had no 100% satisfactory choice protecting their skin from dermal damage and offering optimal comfort and dexterity at the same time. The new AlphaTec(R)58-270 provides the best combination of comfort, precise handling, industry leading grip and skin protection, anywhere chemicals including oils are present.

AlphaTec(R)58-270 gloves keep the worker's hands clean and prevent dermatitis by protecting the skin from harmful contact with oils, chemicals and other liquids. AlphaTec(R) 58-270 is recommended for light to medium applications while the existing AlphaTec(R) 58-530 and 58-535 are more for medium to high duty chemical applications.

Longer wear life allows multitasking and improves productivity

AlphaTec(R) 58-270 can be used across a broad range of oily or dirty activities, allowing multitasking and therefore improved productivity: wearers do not lose time changing gloves. Because oil does not penetrate or degrade the coating, the AlphaTec(R) 58-270 lasts longer and consequently reduces costs. Another main advantage of the new glove is its thin, double-wall nitrile shell offering users an excellent tactility and flexibility. The glove's lightness results in better comfort than any chemical-resistant glove.

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SOURCE: Ansell Healthcare

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