HAMBURG, Germany, October 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Asklepios fosters Hamburg as a location for health industry. Bupa International, the world's leading expatriate health insurer, and Asklepios Clinics Hamburg GmbH have signed a cooperation contract which enables the many privately insured expatriate members of Bupa International to easily access medical care in the Hamburg Asklepios Clinics. Bupa International has been active worldwide for more than three decades and mainly insures company members and so-called expatriates, i.e. people living and working outside their home countries. Bupa International, based in the UK, is currently active in 190 countries and attends to more than 800,000 insured persons worldwide, among them also a large and increasing number of insured persons living and working in Germany with their families and insured with Bupa.

Asklepios is proud of the fact that Bupa International, the world's leading expatriate health insurer, entrusts its insured persons to the medical and nursing quality of our physicians and nursing staff in our hospitals, said Peter Oberreuter, Business Management Speaker at Asklepios Clinics Hamburg GmbH, when the contract was signed. According to him, Bupa International has decided in favour of the cooperation with the Hamburg Asklepios Clinics after thorough research and on-site visits in order to extend and improve its own services. From now on, persons insured with Bupa International can receive treatment in the Hamburg Asklepios Clinics upon presentation of their Bupa International health insurance card. After completion of the medical treatment, Bupa International will balance accounts directly with the respective clinic. As a result, access to the Asklepios Clinics becomes considerably less complicated and more attractive to the persons insured with Bupa International. Then up to now, the insured persons have had to bear the costs themselves and then have them reimbursed by their insurance.

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SOURCE: Asklepios Kliniken Hamburg GmbH

CONTACT: Contact: Asklepios Kliniken Hamburg GmbH, Mathias Eberenz,+49(0)40-18-18-82-66-32,