ANTWERP, Belgium, May 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Atlas Copco announced today that it will run a worldwide 'roadshow' for its most energy-efficient oil-injected compressors ever produced, the new GA 90-160 kW range. Its Specific Energy Requirement (SER) is best-in-class, using up to 11% less electricity than the previous GA models. The Atlas Copco GA 160 VSD compressor has broken no less than eight performance records in the industry: in terms of overall energy requirements, energy consumption of individual elements and lifetime of replacement parts. The roadshow will start in Antwerp, Belgium on June 4th and will be followed by events in North America, South America and Asia.

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The roadshow offers visitors the possibility to view - in depth and in 3D - the innovations which led to the net reduction in energy consumption of the new GA range of compressors.

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The new Atlas Copco GA range (3.5 to 14 bar(e)) offers a compressor package with an integrated water separator at optimum Specific Energy Requirement (SER) of 350 Joule/liter according to ISO 1217 edition 3 annex C (1996). In addition to being the most energy-efficient air compressor package, the new GA VSD compressor offers the widest free air delivery (FAD) turndown range. The turndown range is at least 18% wider than that of comparable models available on the market. This turndown range of 100% to 17% means it's more adaptable to fluctuating air demands. The new GA compressor is able to operate in ambient temperatures of up to 55 degrees centigrade, and operates at a maximum noise level of 71 dBA (the previous market reference is 75 dBA).

All compressor components were re-engineered in order to achieve energy savings wherever possible.

The Atlas Copco GA is the first oil-injected compressor in the world to integrate the water separator into the compressed air cooling system. Reducing internal pressure drops by 50%, this design change contributed 2% to overall compressor energy efficiency.

The new GA is Atlas Copco's first air compressor to offer VSD-controlled cooling fans. They adjust their speed to fluctuating cooling needs. This reduces energy requirements by up to 59% compared to the fixed-speed fans used by other suppliers.

The carefully optimized screw element design has resulted in a drop of 5-6% of energy requirements as compared to the previous screw design.

With the integration of its patented Saver Cycle Control, Atlas Copco has achieved further energy savings for its refrigerant dryers of up to 30% (in normal load conditions). This technology is standard in the new GA compressors and in the new FD standalone refrigerant dryers. The Atlas Copco FD 310-510 refrigerant dryers mark yet another performance record for energy efficiency, as they already consume up to 40% less power than standard refrigerant dryers available on the market.

Innovations further enhancing compressor robustness and quality have also been introduced.

Directly impacting operating costs and compressor downtime, the lifetime of the oil filter and the air inlet filter has been doubled to 8000 hours for both.

"Being first in environmental performance and reliability with the new GA range directly contributes to Atlas Copco's objective to be First in Mind-First in Choice(R)," explains Chris Lybaert, Divisional President of Atlas Copco's Compressor Technique Business Area. "All of our innovations are aimed at improving our customers' productivity. I strongly encourage them to come and experience these breakthroughs live at one of our 2008 GA road show events."

Interested customers wishing to participate should contact their local Atlas Copco Customer Center in order to request an invitation.

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A press tour with dedicated demo is planned for June 2, 2008 in, Antwerp, Belgium. Please contact the local Atlas Copco spokesperson should you wish to be invited. The list of spokespersons is available on the Atlas Copco website; high-resolution color photographs of the launch are also available for download.

For further information please contact: Chris Lybaert, President,, Atlas Copco Compressor Technique, Oil-free Air Division, +32-3-870-22-09 or