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- Free Windows Embedded CE and Linux BSPs Provided to Facilitate Application Development

Atmel(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced today the release of its SAM9G10 ARM926EJ-S-based embedded microprocessor. The SAM9G10 is an upgrade to the established SAM9261S embedded microprocessor that pushes the boundaries of performance versus power consumption. The SAM9G10 further extends the performance envelope - it is clocked at 266 MHz, compared to 188 MHz from its predecessor, with a bus frequency of 133 MHz compared to 94 MHz and consuming no more than 100 mW in full power mode. Other significant improvements include: an LCD Controller that is RGB565 compliant whereas the SAM9261S LCDC was IBGR555 compliant; the provision of Schmitt Trigger inputs on all I/O lines; widening the supply voltage range on all PIO lines multiplexed with the External Bus Interface (EBI) to 1.65V to 3.6V, enabling 1.8V NAND Flash memories to be used when other PIOs are powered at 3.3V; enhancing the Multimedia Card Interface to add support for SD Input/Output (SDIO) Cards. The introduction of the SAM9261S further expands Atmel's 32-Bit MCU portfolio consisting of ARM and AVR 32 products.

To enable application developers to make an immediate start on products based on the SAM9G10, Atmel is offering free Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Embedded CE and Linux(R) Board Support Packages (BSPs) for both the SAM9G10 and the recently-upgraded SAM9R/RL embedded microcontroller for advanced graphical user interfaces (GUI). In addition to the operating system kernels, these BSPs include drivers for all the peripherals and interfaces of the devices, and code modules for basic data manipulation. They provide a robust platform to support application code development.

Jacko Wilbrink, Atmel's Marketing Director for ARM(R)-based Microcontrollers, commented, The SAM9G10 is another step in Atmel's establishment of a one-stop shop for ARM-based flash microcontrollers and embedded microprocessors with market leading performance and reduced power consumption. Free access to comprehensive and high quality board support packages for Linux and WindowsCE(R) has become an integral part of our embedded microprocessor offering imperative for sustainable development of electronic systems.

Availability and Pricing

Samples of the SAM9G10 and the SAM9G10 Evaluation Kit are available now. The SAM9G10 is shipping in a 217-pin 0.8mm ball pitch BGA package and priced at US$6.20 in quantities of 10K parts, order code AT91SAM9G10-CU.

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