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- Ready-to-Use Development Board plus Tools, Operating Systems and Protocol
Stacks Accelerate Programming of SAM3U ARM Cortex-M3 Based Flash MCU

Atmel(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced today the availability of the
SAM3U-EK Evaluation Kit for rapid application development on the
industry’s first ARM(R) Cortex(R) -M3 based Flash microcontroller with
high-speed 480 Mbps USB + Phy. In addition to a plug-and-play socket for the
high-speed USB device it features a high speed SDIO/SDCard/MMC slot, two UART
connectors, a ZigBee(R) radio header, two analog inputs, audio in- and outputs
and a JTAG-ICE debug port. For application development purposes, the SAM3U-EK
board contains a 240 x 320 TFT color LCD display with resistive touch-panel and
backlight, 3D accelerometer and temperature sensor, potentiometer, on-board 512K
x 16-bit PSRAM and 2G-bit x8 or x16 NAND Flash Memories, 12MHz and 32KHz clock
sources and a backup battery.

On power-up, the SAM3U-EK runs an interactive demonstration that takes
advantage of its touch screen capability. This enables the user to experience
some of the outstanding features of the SAM3U and the Evaluation Kit. This
demonstration includes a facility that enables the SAM3U-EK to be connected to
the high-speed USB port of a PC, where it is viewed as a USB key. Product
documentation, sound and image samples and demonstration software may be
downloaded from it and viewed on the display.

For application development, the SAM3U-EK plugs directly into a PC where it is
supported by a wide range of tools, debuggers, operating systems and protocol
stacks from industry-leading third party suppliers, including the following:

IAR Development Toolchain

Anders Flodin, Director of Business Development, IAR(R) Systems(R) AB,
commented, IAR offers the unique toolchain for all Atmel microcontroller
families. Supporting the SAM3U is a manifestation of our long term relationship
with Atmel giving customers the tightest level of integration. We provide fully
tested implementations and world-wide support with the IAR Embedded Workbench(R)
development toolchain, IAR PowerPac(TM) RTOS and middleware products. The IAR
Systems software implementation, including the High Speed USB device stack and
SDCard drivers, utilizes the DMA and distributed memory architecture to sustain
the 100+ Mbps data rates. More information about IAR products and services can
be found at

Micrium uC/OS-II Operating System and Protocol Stacks

According to Jean Labrosse, President and CEO of Micrium, Use of
Micrium’s RTOS with the SAM3U highlights our strength and expertise in the
Cortex-M3 space. Involved throughout Cortex-M3 development, Micrium’s
uC/OS-II and uC/USB Device are naturals to be used with the SAM3U-EK Evaluation
Kit. In addition, sample projects and demos of Micrium’s uC/FS File System
and uC/GUI are also available for download from the Micrium Web site at

Micrium’s RTOS code, documentation, and support result in substantial
time-to-market advantages required by most embedded designs today. Micrium
currently supports all Atmel microcontroller families, and we are excited to be
a part of the SAM3U effort, Labrosse added.

Keil Development Toolchain

The Keil Microcontroller Development Kit (MDK-ARM) supports the full range of
Atmel 32-bit ARM technology-based microcontrollers; the current version includes
peripheral simulation and device-specific views for the SAM3U series, said
Reinhard Keil, director MCU tools, ARM. Our tools provide trace capabilities
with logic analyzer and event viewers that utilize the extended debug features
of the Cortex-M3 processor. Additionally, the Keil Real-Time Library (RL-ARM)
delivers a comprehensive set of middleware components with template projects for
the unique SAM3U peripherals.

SEGGER Development Toolchain

As a result of the close partnership between Atmel and SEGGER, our middleware,
debugging and production tools are readily available for the new SAM3U.
SEGGER’s complete portfolio including the market-leading J-Link already
fully supports the new SAM3U-EK evaluation kit. Our middleware makes optimum use
of both the Cortex-M3 core as well as the sophisticated peripherals of the
device, said Rolf Segger, Chief Technology Officer of SEGGER Microcontroller. A
trial version of SEGGER software for the SAM3U evaluation kit is available for
download from:

FreeRTOS Operating System

FreeRTOS(R) founder Richard Barry said, FreeRTOS is supporting Atmel customers
by providing a completely free real time kernel download that includes a
pre-configured project for the new SAM3U microcontrollers - just open the
project, compile, download then run.

Mr. Barry continued, FreeRTOS is a very widely used commercial grade open
source real time kernel that can be used in commercial applications. Free
support is provided by a wide user community (FreeRTOS was downloaded nearly
80,000 times during 2008). Standard commercial licensing, support and middleware
options are also available. This provides Atmel customers with a choice of
licensing models and complete peace of mind. FreeRTOS can be downloaded from

Availability and Pricing

The SAM3U-EK Evaluation Kit is available now, order code AT91SAM3U-EK, price

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