SYDNEY, February 27 /PRNewswire/ --

Australian consulting firm, Spyk Software, has announced the world's first application allowing employees to browse and search all their company documents from their iPhone.

iShare, released today on the iPhone App Store, connects to Microsoft's popular SharePoint Server and provides secure access to company team collaboration information including documents, lists, announcements, tasks and meetings.

Tim Kremer, CEO of Spyk Software said in an interview:

While email has emerged as a killer application on mobile devices, until now there has been poor access to other essential enterprise collaboration tools.

People want information at their fingertips said Mr. Kremer.

He also stated that the iPhone with its VPN (Virtual Private Network) connectivity, Exchange push email and Remote Wipe capability is maturing into a true business-ready device.

SharePoint is Microsoft's fastest ever growing server product, with over 100 million licences sold. Diverse functionality such as document management, content management, enterprise search and collaboration means it is becoming a critical piece of business infrastructure. iShare is also compatible with Microsoft's new SharePoint Online platform.

iShare is now available worldwide for any iPhone user to download. Companies can also approach Spyk for further customisations and enterprise rollout support.

Spyk Software is an Australian based Microsoft Partner specialising in websites, portals and document management solutions using Microsoft SharePoint, .NET and SQL Server.

Contact: Tim Kremer Spyk Software Pty Ltd p: +61-2-9006-1173

Tim Kremer, of Spyk Software Pty Ltd, +61-2-9006-1173,