CAMBRIDGE, England and SAN FRANCISCO, March 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Autonomy Corporation plc , a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise, today announced that Deloitte Luxembourg has selected Autonomy's Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) for pan-enterprise search. IDOL enables companies to enhance client service by boosting efficiency, helping to avoid duplication of effort, eliminating knowledge gaps, and unlocking information assets that have traditionally remained untapped. Autonomy's unique conceptual capabilities, language independence, scalability, and the ability to connect to virtually every repository, including internal databases, the web, email and SharePoint, are further advantages of the software.

"Due to its exhaustive industry expertise and know-how, Deloitte Luxembourg has a vast pool of information to manage," commented Laurent Brochmann, CIO at Deloitte Luxembourg. "Knowledge is one of our most important assets but the geographical and language barriers have traditionally been an obstacle to maximizing its full potential through technology. Autonomy's unique meaning-based technology will enable us to better manage information and knowledge within the firm to increase productivity."

IDOL will equip its users with conceptual access to all structured, semi-structured and unstructured content in the organization, enabling them to form a well-educated and holistic view of a matter. Unlike legacy solutions, IDOL can extract meaning from information across different formats, languages and locations and identify links between disparate documents and experts. Thus, for example, a user compiling a report for a multi-national corporation, can find relevant content be it in English, French, German or Italian, and further identify the best SMEs in the organization to collaborate with. By automatically generating a profile of each user in the organization, based on their explicit and implicit history, IDOL is uniquely able to bring experts together for more efficient resource-allocation. This helps the creation of virtual workgroups, and encourages communication, knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Deloitte users will also benefit from automatic news feeds about selected areas of interest, as IDOL's 'Agents' functionality helps keep them abreast of relevant industry developments.

Autonomy will further collaborate with Deloitte to fast-track its technology to Deloitte Luxembourg's extensive customer base, thus helping to ensure better operational efficiency, accuracy, transparency and information governance for Deloitte Luxembourg customers.

"Autonomy solutions are used by more than 1,800 professional services firms of all sizes worldwide, including the Big Four accounting firms," said Eric Rousseau, Regional Manager Benelux at Autonomy. "As the only vendor that offers a seamlessly connected and comprehensive set of information management and governance tools, Autonomy is the preferred partner for professional services firms as it enables them to derive optimal value from the collective knowledge of their employees. We are delighted that Deloitte Luxembourg has selected Autonomy's IDOL to underpin its pan-enterprise search."

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