AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, November 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Avantium Technologies announced today that Bernard Mulder, MD, MBA, has joined Avantium to lead the business development team for its pharmaceutical business.

Bernard Mulder, Global Vice President Business Development Pharma, will be responsible for Avantium's pharmaceutical service business world-wide. The previous 12 years of his career, Bernard held several international positions at Organon. Before joining Avantium, he was commercially responsible for the Asenapine Global Venture Team. Bernard's experience, commercial skills and drive will help Avantium to take Avantium's pharmaceutical business to the next level.

Bernard is a great addition to the team. He will contribute very significant international, commercial experience and he has a profound understanding of our pharmaceutical industry customers. With Bernard and his team we will be able to better address and meet the diverse needs of our pharmaceutical customer base, says Guus Scheefhals, Chief Business Officer of Avantium Technologies. I am very pleased that we managed to get Bernard Mulder on our team. Bernard's capabilities and personality as well as his experience of working in the pharmaceutical industry make him a great contribution to the company.

Profile Avantium

Avantium is a leading technology company in the area of advanced high-throughput RD operating in the energy, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. The company develops products and processes in the area of biofuels, bio-based chemicals and novel crystal forms of existing drugs by applying its proprietary, high-throughput RD technology. Avantium has demonstrated the potential of this technology by providing RD services and tools to more than 70 companies worldwide. Avantium's customer base includes many of the world's largest energy, chemicals and pharmaceutical companies, such as BP, Shell, Sasol, Pfizer and GSK. Avantium has approximately 130 employees; its offices and head quarters are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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