NEW YORK, November 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Babylon Ltd., the leading provider of single-click translation and dictionary software, enhances its content and now provides access to over 1,500 free dictionaries, encyclopedias and translation sources in over 75 languages, access to Wikipedia in over 23 languages and access to brand-name dictionaries and thesauruses.

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The award-winning Babylon 8 ( delivers instant results to users' desktops in a single click from over 1,500 free dictionary and translation ( sources in more than 75 languages in many subjects, topics and themes, Wikipedia in over 23 languages and access to leading dictionary titles from distinguished and most trusted world publishers.

With Babylon 8, ( the meaning and definition of new terms, abbreviations and professional information is available to all around the world in a fast, efficient and effective manner without interrupting workflow.

There are many new language pair dictionaries with Babylon 8 (; Urdu to English, English to Georgian, bidirectional Turkish-Japanese, bidirectional Swedish- Spanish, bidirectional Romanian-Italian, one of a kind English to Sindhi, Greek to Serbian; a very rare Irish to Russian, one can even find a Tetum (Austronesian language spoken in Indonesia and East Timor) to Portuguese dictionary, and many many others.

Babylon enables access to a myriad of subjects, be it a German Open Thesaurus, a Customs and Excise Glossary from English to Dutch, French and German or Turkish Proverbs - Babylon 8 provides access to many interesting glossaries and dictionaries in various topics.

In addition, Babylon provides users one-click instant access to their favorite brand-name dictionaries and thesauruses.

The most distinguished publishers of dictionaries and encyclopedias worldwide have recognized the strength and effectiveness of Babylon's technology for delivering content electronically. These leading publishers have partnered with Babylon to offer premium content to users on the Babylon platform.

The result is an impressive list of premium dictionary titles available on Babylon, including Oxford (, Merriam Webster (, Larousse (, Duden, Langenscheidt, Pons, Van Dale, Dicionario Aurelio (, Michaelis, Genius, Meikyo and many more. Babylon's premium content dictionaries can be purchased as add-ons.

About Babylon Ltd. (TASE: BBYL) is a leading provider of online and offline dictionary and translation solutions. The user base exceeds 55 million desktop installations.

Babylon sold more than 2.5 million licenses of the software to private users and organizations in more than 200 countries.

For more information about Babylon, visit or one of Babylon's free online dictionary( and online translation ( websites.

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