LONDON, December 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Online Game Operator launched two additional proprietary games in their All-in-One Game Lobby including a Single Deck, Multi-Handed Blackjack Game and Dueces Wild Video Poker Game. These two new additions to the BackgammonMasters Casino Game Lobby are part of a series of brand new video slot and card games which overflow the Lobby with game selections for hours of entertainment.

Known for their Backgammon, Poker and Blackjack games and Daily and Weekly Backgammon and Blackjack Freeroll Tournaments, Backgammon Masters has now opened a Casino section containing a Single Deck Blackjack game which greatly increases the odds of winning since only one deck of cards is used. Players can bet on three hands at a time and double their pot in one round.

Also new in the Casino Game Lobby is the ultra-popular Deuces Wild Video Poker game. Expert game consultants from assisted in the development of the Deuces Wild poker game together with BackgammonMasters to create a version of this favorite poker game where the control reaction time is swift and game play is smooth and captivating. Players place bets and then draw cards in order to improve the outcome of their hands and increase their chances of catching the highest prize possible. Deuces Wild offers a minimum bet of 10 cents and a max bet of 20 dollars makes with a natural Royal Flush awarding up to 4,000 USD with one draw.

It is no mere coincidence that both of these new and popular games have inspired Hollywood films such as the recently released 21 movie with actor Kevin Spacey and the Martin Scorsese Deuces Wild film. The ongoing love affair between Hollywood and Las Vegas has helped to popularize the games and the games popularize the films just by using their names not only as cultural references but as the central focus of many films.

BackgammonMasters hopes to capitalize on this trend by offering games that are most popular in offline Casinos and easiest to assimilate to online. Stay tuned for the addition of Baccarat, more slots and Roulette as well. BackgammonMasters games are an industry leader in their superior online operational standards and in the quality of service to their customers. The 24hour support staff is standing by to assist customers with any questions they may have regarding the new or longtime favorite games.

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