ISTANBUL, October 26 /PRNewswire/ --, the elite dating site for beautiful people only, launches in Turkey on Monday the 26th of October. The launch will complete the site's global expansion into every European, Asian, Australasian, Middle Eastern and American territory, making it a worldwide service.

(Photo: (Photo: (Logo: already features the largest network of attractive people in the world, with 180,000 members recruited through early launches in the UK, the USA and Denmark.

The aim of is to create a perfect worldwide community for beautiful people only. Already, its member base can be compared with the books of the world's leading modeling agencies. Everyone is welcome to apply, yet with a 20% success rate, millions of men and women will be rejected.

Founder of, Robert Hintze, says: is governed by the principle that every human being wants to be with someone they find attractive. By only allowing beautiful people through the doors, we remove the first hurdle. Other sites are jungles of hippos and wart hogs. We are a game reserve of leopards and gazelles.

Greg Hodge, managing director of says: I am confident that Turkey will have a high percentage of successful applicants, after all it is the country of Aysun Kayaci and Kivanc Tatlitug, although you do also have Fethi Kantarci.

How the site works is free to use.

Potential members apply with a photo and a brief profile. Over 48 hours, existing members of the opposite sex vote whether or not to admit them in to their exclusive community. The members have the following rating values to choose from: 'Yes definitely', 'Hmm yes, OK', 'Hmm no, not really' and 'NO Definitely NOT'. The voting system is democratic and the majority vote is final. Individuals who fail to impress are rejected.

Applicants can view their rating process on a real time rating graph, which swings between red and green depending on how existing members judge them.

Although rejection has provoked death threats to the site's creators, the kudos of being accepted prompts hundreds of hopeful members to apply daily.

An elite global lifestyle

Members of enjoy a number of desirable benefits:

-- Glamorous parties and a jet set network which exists throughout the globe -- Approaches by leading film and TV companies who utilise the site -- Potential contracts from top modeling agencies who utilise the site -- Career opportunities, through select partnerships between and leading businesses

Most importantly for a dating site, is known to quickly and successfully bring people together. These are the statistics:

-- More than 80,000 members have had a romantic interlude through -- More than 10,000 serious relationships and marriages have been founded through -- More than 400 beautiful babies have been born through unions founded on

Multiple language features, a global social and travel calendar and advanced video networking encourage interaction between members from all over the world.

Greg Hodge, managing director of, added: People are fed up wasting time and money meeting unattractive people on the net. Until BeautifulPeople launched, there was no online networking or dating service exclusively for attractive people.

How to join

The sign up process takes no more than three minutes. All that is required is a current photograph and basic profile. An authenticity check will be run on all suspicious photographs at the head office.

Male members vote on females and female members vote on males. Every member helps to build a perfectly beautiful community; within which they can interact romantically, socially and professionally. is located at


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