LONDON, November 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Collaboration technology specialist BIW Technologies is opening North American hosting facilities to provide local support for its expanding user base across the USA, Canada and the Caribbean islands. Services will be delivered through a partnership with Sage Construction Real Estate Solutions (Sage CRE).

BIW CEO Colin Smith says:

Increasingly, customers are looking for platforms that will bring efficiency improvements to their project operations, better integrate their teams and provide real-time visibility on the health of their projects. There is also growing demand for a system that provides a high quality of service; customers are fed up with unreliable systems.

Operating BIW's web-based project management suite from a North American infrastructure, managed 24 hours a day, provides a compelling proposition for customers. BIW's applications are already used by thousands of users in the worldwide engineering construction (EC) sector. Now that we are integrating our SaaS applications with Sage CRE's market-leading systems, potential clients in North America will for the first time be able to source this type of solution from a truly world-class software company.

We believe that many larger organisations, particularly in North America, have been waiting for such a shift in the marketplace - giving them confidence to standardise on a system from the clear market-leader.

Sage CRE

The BIW initiative is in partnership with Sage CRE, whose senior vice president and general manager, John Geffel, says:

Sage CRE has a strong leadership position in North America with its award-winning project management products, but we identified a growing demand for more Web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.

Our new product offering, Sage Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) was developed through a partnership with BIW(R) Technologies, a global leader in web-based business applications. BIW's technology provides clients with innovative project management platforms that offer extensive financial and process control features.

Through this partnership, Sage PLM can help the North American construction industry focus on increasing productivity, collaboration and accountability among all parties.

BIW's application suite readily adapts for deployment in one-off projects and programs of work in many industries, including retail, real estate, utilities, finance, infrastructure, power, health and education.

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- Paul Wilkinson ( Ltd) Tel: +44(0)20-8858-1104, mobile +44(0)77-8844-5920, email - Colin Smith (BIW CEO) Tel: +44(0)1483-712620

SOURCE: BIW Technologies Limited

CONTACT: Paul Wilkinson ( Ltd) Tel: +44(0)20-8858-1104, mobile+44(0)77-8844-5920, email; Colin Smith (BIW CEO)Tel: +44(0)1483-712620