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For the first time, scientists can prove that Deeside Mineral Water actually slows the signs of ageing and does so 50% more effectively than other tested waters on the market.

In the first of two new research studies, Deeside Mineral Water was rigorously tested against other major international market leading brands of bottled water. The study was undertaken by scientists at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh and confirmed that Deeside Mineral Water is 50% more effective than other waters tested in suppressing free radicals.

Dr Mary Warnock, lecturer in Dietectics, Nutrition and Biological Sciences at Queen Margaret University explained Free radicals are harmful to the body's cells and contribute to the ageing process. Reducing free radicals helps protect cells from damage. Deeside Mineral Water has some very unusual properties and we know that people have been drinking it for its curative benefits for centuries. The results from these tests are very exciting. They show that something as simple as Deeside Mineral Water, a Scottish product, could be effective at protecting the body and skin from the harmful effects of free radical damage.

Dr Warnock concluded; we are all looking for simple ways to stay healthy and look our best. Deeside Mineral Water could be one of the solutions and therefore more research is required in this area.

To further support these results, a separate pilot study was undertaken by Leeds Skin Centre For Applied Research based at Leeds University. This showed that Deeside Mineral Water, which is a natural anti-oxidant, increased average skin hydration by up to 23% compared to tap water. The effect of re-hydration is a younger appearance and more radiant skin tone. Dr Richard Bojar, who oversaw the clinical study, says Measurements indicated that skin was better hydrated when subjects were drinking Deeside Mineral Water.

The study, carried out on women aged between 18 and 52, also showed a reduction in the average number of wrinkles when a litre of Deeside Mineral Water was drunk daily over a period of 12 weeks. Again this is due to skin hydration, one of the single biggest factors in the ageing process. The test results showed that by drinking Deeside Water, the skin was plumped up, leading to fewer wrinkles.

Deeside Water has a long history of health benefits dating back to 1760. Located near Balmoral Castle in the Scottish hills, Deeside possesses unusual properties, not found in other waters, which are beneficial for living cells. These are caused by the natural chemistry and geology around the source of the spring as the water is proven to have a lower than average pH level, mineral content and redox potential.

Martin Simpson, Managing Director of Deeside Mineral Water said, We are delighted by these very positive results and are keen to secure further funding so we can undertake an even larger study. This could be the new non-surgical face lift people have been waiting for. We have already completed 8 other studies, which all show active health and skin benefits and the latest results confirm that Deeside Water is the leading brand if you want to stay looking younger for longer.

The effects are so good that we are currently in talks with a global skincare producer about using Deeside Water as an ingredient in their anti-ageing products to improve their performance.

We all know that drinking water is good for you but Deeside Mineral Water has shown unique health benefits that are now proving to be a real force in the world of skincare and anti-ageing.

Notes to Editors

Deeside Mineral Water has become famous for its health properties which date back to 1760. Celebrity drinkers include Queen Victoria, Lord Byron and Sir Walter Scott.

Deeside Mineral Water is available in many major supermarkets across the UK including Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Morrison's, Tesco and ASDA. RRP is 80p for two litres.

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