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- Chat date: Thursday 24th July - Chat time: 12.30pm

As the school summer holidays kick off this week, the average British family of four can look forward to a massive dent in their pockets simply from keeping the kids entertained for 6 weeks.

Entertaining the kids with trips to swimming pools, theme parks and bowling alleys all add up, with numbers reaching worrying heights, according to new research by Bounty, the UK's favourite parenting club. These are the sorts of costs that many families struggle to afford, particularly at the moment.

So how can parents make sure the kids have fun in their holidays without breaking the bank of mum and dad? Many parents now dread the financial burden of the holidays, and worry they won't be able to meet their children's expectations.

Log in to Bounty's live Web TV chat to ask personal finance Jasmine Birtles your family summer spending queries. Jasmine can help you work out exactly where day to day cut backs can be made and how much money is available each week to spend on food, day trips, entertainment and treats over the summer. She also has tips for families looking for less costly alternatives to theme parks and restaurants - think picnics, water fights and trips to the seaside!

Family personal finance expert Jasmine Birtles joins us live online at http://www.webchats.tv on Thursday 24th July at 12.30pm to discuss saving money during the summer holidays.

Editors notes: - Bounty (http://www.bounty.com) is the UK's favourite parenting club, providing information, support and products for young families throughout the four key-life stages: pre-birth, birth, toddlers and pre-school. - With 2.1 million members and over 50,000 new members joining every month, Bounty has approximately 95% market coverage of the estimated 750,000 annual births in the UK. - http://www.bounty.com is the UK's favourite parenting website and the largest online meeting point for mums in the UK with over 19 million pages being served each month, 700,000 opted-in members and a further 15,000 new members joining each month - Bounty is a Kaboose company - Kaboose is one of the largest family-focused new media companies in the world and one of the top-five most visited family destinations online (http://www.kaboose.com).

For further information please contact Lisa Penney on +44(0)1707-294000 or email lpenney@bounty.com

For further information please contact Lisa Penney on +44(0)1707-294000 or email lpenney@bounty.com