BRUSSELS, July 12, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- 'The e-Skills Manifesto - A Call to Arms,' authored by Ade McCormack - Financial Times columnist, adviser and ICT market commentator - makes its European debut today. Teasing out the strengths, opportunities and challenges ahead for Europe, the book is universally endorsed by the European digital technology industry sector as an outstanding reference text for policy and decision makers.

This evidence based work guides decision makers in addressing an issue which lies at the heart of Europe's capacity to build a culture of innovation and a fully inclusive digital society,' states Bridget Cosgrave, Director-General, DIGITALEUROPE.

Any public official who values developing young talent and building a culture of innovation in Europe should read, 'The e-Skills Manifesto, A Call to Arms', says Jan Muehlfeit, Chairman of Microsoft Europe. Lead figures in government, education, policy, research and industry outline the commitments required for preparing European citizens to take on the challenges of the digital age.

This Manifesto firmly places e-Skills as a priority issue for European Institutions and Member States, mapping out as it does the relationship between digital literacy, competitiveness, productivity growth and job creation, adds Muehlfeit.

This book is a clarion call for decision makers to harness talent, leverage opportunities and enable all European citizens to engage fully in the global digital society, Muehlfeit concludes.

The importance of e-skilling cannot be over-emphasised. Productivity growth requires that European citizens not only acquire digital skills for the work and study they currently do, but equip themselves with the tools needed to deal with the pace of the digital revolution sweeping across all cultures and societies, states Johan Deschuyffeleer, Senior Vice President, Technology Services EMEA, HP.

McCormack encourages stakeholders to re-examine the ways in which European business, education and government approach life-long skilling. For European business and society to benefit in competitive times, those who strive for excellence will be the winners. The e-Skills Manifesto provides a vision for Europe to keep pace with and stay ahead of the competition, outlines Deschuyffeleer.

Motorola welcomes 'The e-Skills Manifesto' and strongly supports its call to arms. Earlier this year, the European e-Skills Week proved a big success; however we need to keep momentum high at both EU and national levels to ensure that all European citizens are equipped with the necessary skills in technology to embrace the digital revolution, points out Karen Tandy, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs Communications, Motorola.

To download 'The e-Skills Manifesto, A Call to Arms', please visit:

The e-Skills Manifesto was produced by DIGITALEUROPE and European Schoolnet as part of the European e-Skills Week, supported by the European Commission.

SOURCE: Digital Europe

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