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- Cellufun's New Mobile Game 'Made Off' Lets Everyone Play Bernie's Ponzi Scheme

Bernie Madoff's US$65 billion Ponzi scheme surprised the global economic marketplace and left many wondering how they missed out on their own chance at riches. Now anyone can try their hand at creating and managing a Ponzi scheme with Cellufun's new Made Off game for mobile phones. The game is accessible on all mobile phones and carriers by entering on your phone's browser or by visiting on the web.

Cellufun has the largest mobile virtual community in the world, where millions of people play dozens of different social games and connect with each other.

Made Off allows players to set up and manage their own Ponzi schemes. Aspiring Madoffs recruit their friends and other Cellufun users to invest their hard-earned CelluPoints, Cellufun's virtual currency. The enticement of a high yielding interest rate encourages players to invest in each other and withdraw money just like in a real Ponzi scheme. Players unable to make interest payments will go bankrupt and lose all of their investors' virtual money.

Made Off lasts until around the time Bernie gets the book thrown at him, presumably some time in June. The Feds will eventually break up all of Cellufun's Ponzi schemes and shut down the game. Each fund manager will get to keep the money currently invested in their fund while each investor in these funds will lose their principal CelluPoint investment, keeping any interest they've earned. The game is a tongue-in-cheek look at the Madoff scandal and others like it, allowing players to have fun while learning how Ponzi schemes really work.

Cellufun's Made Off game taps into the curiosity and emotion that most people have about the Bernie Madoff story. He orchestrated the largest investment scheme in our lifetimes, but the average person can't relate to how he did it, said Neil Edwards, CEO of Cellufun. Made Off is designed to allow anyone with a phone or computer to become their own 'Bernie' and literally reenact his fraud in a fun game with their friends. It's entertaining, educational, and plays on the edgy side of a person's personal and financial choices. I cannot wait to see if I can beat Bernie.

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*Editor's Note: Screen shots of Made Off are available upon request.

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