HIRRLINGEN, Germany, July 28, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Every year, 17.5 million people worldwide die from cardiovascular diseases. However, quick connection to a mechanical circulatory support can save lives.

German-based medical technology manufacturer MAQUET Cardiopulmonary AG has developed the world's most compact and lightweight heart-lung support system for mobile applications. The portable CARDIOHELP System replaces and controls the patient's circulatory and pulmonary functions from outside the body, and guarantees the supply of oxygen and reduction of CO2.

The system has been awarded the CE mark. Application surveillance in 18 hospitals, in nine countries, has confirmed its advantages. Prior to the launch, some 25 patients have been supported using the device. Since the end of July 2010, CARDIOHELP System is available for purchase worldwide.

Many patients with heart and lung disease experience cardiogenic shock because vital organs are inadequately supplied with oxygen. CARDIOHELP System offers life-saving support which, to date, could only be provided by 250 kg heart-lung machines.

No larger than a piece of hand luggage, the unprimed system weighs only about 10 kg. During inter- or intra-hospital transportation, it can be carried by a single person. As the first life support system for mobile applications it is approved for ground and air transport.

The CARDIOHELP System is rapidly prepared for use on patients who require cardiac and/or pulmonary support in cardiac surgery, cardiology, intensive care, and emergency medicine. While being more cost-effective than conventional treatment methods, the system offers new mechanical circulatory support treatments, opening up new possibilities for protective ventilation. Since the volume of blood outside the body is reduced to a minimum, less strain is being put on the patient.

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