LE HAVRE, France, November 30 /PRNewswire/ -- China Europa is a business convention and exhibition which aims to foster economic exchanges between China and Europe. This international event takes place in Le Havre from 8 to 10 December with the theme of Sustainable Urban Development (SUD). It is a unique opportunity for Chinese and European communities, companies and experts to exchange and share ideas, and initiate partnerships.

Sustainable Urban Development, a future concern

Cities only cover 2.8% of the Earth's surface. Nevertheless, they are responsible for 78% of carbon emissions, 76% of wood consumption and around 60% of water consumption. Experts also predict that in 2100, 80% of the planet's inhabitants will be living in urban areas.

SUD has become a strategic challenge for communities, on a local level in order to preserve optimal living standards for their residents, as well as worldwide for global, contemporary, environmental problems.

China Europa is included in the official calendar of the Franco-Chinese collaboration agreement for Sustainable Urban Development signed in 2007 by Jean- Louis Borloo, the French Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Planning, and Wang Guangtao, the People's Republic of China's Minister for Construction.

This agreement notably anticipates the integration of experiences and the implementation of appropriate action in domains such as spatial planning, urban development, urban transport, construction science and techniques, water and sanitation, as well as waste treatment.

China Europa, economic opportunities for both China and Europe

If China is noticeably increasing its efforts with regards to SUD, it is also proving to be one of the countries with the most negative environmental impact in the world. For their part, European communities are joining together to fight against the many factors harming the environment: traffic pollutions, overuse of space, energy consuming architecture, exponential waste production, etc.

China Europa will therefore open the debate for solutions to implement in order to respond to environmental challenges linked to the expansion of cities, which is a major phenomenon in China as a result of the current large scale rural depopulation.

Within a commercial context, particularly favourable to European businesses - the Chinese authorities have officially increased imports of goods and services from Europe - China Europa is giving Chinese decision-makers the chance to meet experts, SMEs or global organisations which are heavily involved in SUD, such as Veolia, Total and Suez Environnement.

It is also an opportunity for Chinese communities to be inspired by good practices and projects developed in European countries, notably in the field of wind energy for which China hopes to triple investment between now and 2020.

Finally, the Chinese market also offers European businesses and investors many partnership opportunities. For the port of Le Havre, situated at the gateway to Paris, China Europa presents a unique occasion to strengthen its relations with China, whose shipments now represent 21% of its total port traffic.

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SOURCE: China Europa

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