SHENZHEN, China, November 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- China Hi-Tech Fair 2010 is ready to open at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from November 16 to 21. Themed "Science and Technology for Transformation & Innovation for Development", this fair focuses on China's economic restructuring and transformation.

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All organizers attach great importance to this fair: Ministry of Commerce (MOC), Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and Chinese Academy of Sciences will exhibit in their designated areas, and Ministry of Agriculture and State Intellectual Property Office will share their pavilion as a group. The pavilions all highlight energy conservation and emission reduction, low carbon and strategic new industries.

The pavilion of the MOC showcases the ideology of low-carbon economy. The pavilion of the MIIT, under the theme of "Industrial Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization" exhibits and promotes the research achievements and technologies in energy conservation and emission reduction, cleaner production and environmental protection. The pavilion of the NDRC, under the theme of "enhancing the incubation and development of emerging industries", displays the achievements in emerging industries in recent years, as well as the working thoughts and corresponding measures for the further development of emerging industries. The Ministry of Agriculture participates in this fair under the theme of "Science and Technology for Modern Agriculture" and will open the hi-tech forum of "low-carbon agriculture and energy conservation and emission reduction". The exhibition area for Chinese Academy of Sciences displays the achievements in the collaboration with Guangdong Province in the fields of "Industrial Fabrication, Electronic Information, New Materials, Bio-medicine, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection". The exhibition area of the State Intellectual Property Office will display "Intellectual Property Protection, Invention and Innovation Achievements" from some top enterprises in terms of the proprietary intellectual property rights, to emphasize the theories of environmental protection and low-carbon, energy conservation and consumption reduction for innovative construction approach.

Over 30 municipalities, provinces, Hong Kong and Macao will attend this year's fair, where their achievements and projects in terms of the economic structure adjustment and transformation of development approach will be presented.

As for "International Stand Area", there are 28 foreign groups from 18 countries, including Ireland, Egypt, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Russia, France, Philippines, Finland, Korea, Netherlands, Canada, America, Hungary, and Turkey etc. to participate in the fair.

China Hi-Tech Fair

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