BASINGSTOKE, England, May 5, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Clinical Solutions, the leading provider of health-based customer relationship management (CRM) and clinical content solutions, is today launching the 'Seven competencies of e-care' as the focal point for its new market strategy and website

A recent report by the Self Care Campaign [1] claimed that too many people are visiting their GP or other expensive care settings, such as AE with minor ailments; this accounts for nearly one fifth of a GP's workload. It says that people with minor ailments go to the doctor out of convenience, when in fact they could be using alternative services (such as their local pharmacist or health call centres) or treat themselves.

Xavier Flinois, CEO at Clinical Solutions comments that the key to reducing the volume of unnecessary appointments is the provision of information which gives the public the knowledge and confidence to manage their own health problems and to know when they need to seek specialist advice.

He explains, The 'Seven competencies of e-care' is the very backbone of what our business stands for. It centres around the wider adoption [and acceptance] of e-care to ensure that through technology, high quality and up to date information is available from credible sources along with the tools that patients need to assess themselves, for either self care or to establish the most appropriate level of care for them.

Mr Flinois adds, Directing the patient to the most appropriate level of care (including self care) is not only the single biggest lever to contain the economics of the health ecosystem, it is also a necessary step to provide the correct quality of care.

Clinical Solutions seven competencies for e-care are detailed below. For further information visit

#1 - Manage the demand for the appropriate level of care #2 - Reach out to 100% of the population to reduce health inequalities with multi-channel access #3 - Empower patients to be active and to contribute to decisions on their own care #4 - Provide a seamless safe, and efficient care journey with dedicated pathway solutions #5 - Aggregate an optimal portfolio of structured content from your own and other expert knowledge #6 - Address flexible patient programmes with scalable technology, infrastructure and content #7 - Become the preferred patient point of contact for healthcare with a trusted e-care platform

About Clinical Solutions

Clinical Solutions is a trusted provider of scalable, multi-channel, decision support and expert knowledge solutions, allowing frontline stakeholders to reach out to patients and provide them with a safe but active role in their own care, and a seamless journey through the healthcare system. This means lower costs, lower risks and a higher degree of patient satisfaction.

Clinical Solutions offers a unique combination of capabilities that include all the elements of an integrated solution encompassing clinical content, software applications, hosted N3 data centre, managed IT infrastructure and 24/7 support. Clinical Solutions has offices in UK, USA and Australia. Customers include; NHS Direct in England and Wales; NHS 24 in Scotland; and walk-in centres across England, as well as customers in North America, Portugal, Norway, India, Australia, and New Zealand. Its solutions are used to serve over 100 million people across the world. The clinical algorithms and scripts that power the solutions have been proven in over 60 million clinical transactions.

For further information visit Clinical Solutions; newly launched website:


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CONTACT: For further information contact: Helen Stevens/Lindsay Hoggard, , T. +44(0)1454-629741.