AMSTERDAM, July 8 /PRNewswire/ -- ClusterVision, specialist in supercomputer
clusters, has established a strategic alliance with global supercomputer leader
Cray Inc., to offer the Cray CX1(TM) deskside supercomputer throughout Europe.
ClusterVision will help customers choose the various configuration options to
best fit their needs, delivering the cluster as well as providing training and
support over the Cray CX1 system's life.

The Cray CX1 system is a high-performance deskside supercomputer with the
ease-of-use and seamless integration of a workstation. It is delivered in a
convenient, compact chassis that fits next to the user's desk, featuring up to
16 of the latest Intel(R) Xeon(R) processors. Optional features include
InfiniBand, ScaleMP virtual SMP and noise-cancelling technology. The chassis can
hold up to eight independent compute, GPU or storage blades. The Cray CX1 system
plugs straight into an ordinary wall-socket for power.

ClusterVision will deliver the Cray CX1 system with ClusterVisionOS(TM), a
revolutionary cluster management environment based on Linux. Its unrivalled
ease-of-use makes ClusterVisionOS the perfect match for the Cray CX1 system;
both are aimed at users that want minimal system administration overhead
combined with maximum productivity. The Cray CX1 product will also be available
from ClusterVision with Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 and dual-boot options.

Cray is excited to be working with ClusterVision in Europe as we share a common
vision of enabling a broader community to take advantage of the power of high
performance computing, said Ian Miller, senior vice president of the
productivity solutions group and marketing at Cray. The Cray CX1 system with
ClusterVisionOS provides Linux users with an easy to install, use and administer
environment that allows customers to focus on the work they need to do and not
on the computer system they use to do it.

ClusterVision is pleased to be working with Cray to deliver this exciting new
product, said Dr Matthijs van Leeuwen, Commercial Director of ClusterVision.
Here is a solution that is versatile, easy to use, yet very powerful. It will
appeal to a large group of customers that want maximum compute power in a small
and easy-to-use package, at a good price.

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