LONDON, July 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Companies across the globe are failing to
maintain the required legislative and regulatory reporting requirements for
their subsidiaries, according to TMF Group, (TMF) the world's leading
independent provider of accounting and corporate secretarial services and
Computershare Governance Services (CGS), the leading subsidiary governance
software supplier.

Evidence from European regulatory bodies suggests that whilst top company and
main trading subsidiary filings are reasonably under control, there are huge
numbers of small or dormant subsidiaries where filings are neglected. This is
often because of the misconception that dormant companies do not need to make
filings. Typically, company law does not differentiate between large and small,
trading and non-trading when it comes to filings. The lack of local knowledge at
head office just exaggerates this problem.

Mark Selinger, Managing Director of CGS said: The consequences for
non-compliance are severe in many countries. Companies risk penalties ranging
from fines, dissolution of local entities and even prison sentences for local
directors by not being aware of the regional requirements applicable to all of
their subsidiaries.

Individually, these compliance requirements are not particularly onerous.
However, organisations with large group structures often find that it is the
sheer volume of filings and differences in local regulatory requirements that
cause them to fall behind with their reporting. We help the companies we work
with put processes and procedures in place to bring structure to this area of
compliance. We also leverage our extensive network of world-wide offices to
provide them with local regulatory expertise, said Jarrod Simpson, Director of
TMF Group and head of Corporate Secretarial.

The key to avoiding non-compliance penalties is to ensure that your company has
easy access to local knowledge of compliance requirements for each foreign
subsidiary as well as robust procedures in place to ensure local filings are
prepared and submitted in a timely manner. To solve this problem, CGS and TMF
have teamed up to provide the necessary regional compliance requirements through
CGS's Global Entity Management Software (GEMS). The unique GEMS Compliance
Dashboard provides a quick and detailed analysis of the compliance status on
group entities.

TMF's on-the-ground presence and local expertise in 86 offices across 65
countries world-wide will ensure that accurate, up-to-date international
business rules and statutory filing dates are embedded into the GEMS software,
making it easy for users to ensure that their subsidiaries are meeting local
reporting requirements. The software allows quick identification and drill down
into details of compliant and non-compliant entities. If necessary, clients may
also request further, specific information about a particular jurisdiction from
TMF via a link in the software.

The new information, initially available for 30 countries, will be demonstrated
at the upcoming ICSA conference at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre on
September 30th.

Notes to Editors: The 30 countries covered under the initiative are as follows:
Austria Australia Belgium China Czech Republic Hong Kong Finland India France
Malaysia Germany Singapore Hungary Thailand Ireland Argentina Italy Brazil
Luxembourg Colombia Netherlands Costa Rica Poland Mexico Russia Peru Spain
Sweden Switzerland UK

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SOURCE: Computershare Governance Services (CGS)

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