MONTREAL, March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Atrion International announces that it has augmented its product development, regulatory services and marketing staff by 20% during the first quarter of FY-09. This is as a result of a consistent double-digit growth rate of its enterprise and mid-market customer base. Atrion is accommodating a majority of this staff growth in its recently expanded Worldwide Headquarters with the addition of a second location at 4929 Place Olivia, Ville Saint-Laurent, Quebec. The expansion will enable Atrion to support the increasing global demand for its Product Compliance Solutions. The new facilities will now house a portion of the Company's North American Marketing Sales departments as well as the Global Finance department.

Atrion also continues to make significant investments in product development, new technologies and infrastructures to accommodate the increase in sales of its on-premise and SaaS solutions, as well as the increase in managed services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) contracts.

We're seeing an influx of forward-thinking companies that have, despite tough economic times, elected to invest in a Product Compliance Solution, said Patrick Lavoie, President of Atrion International. These companies want to stay on top of REACH and GHS regulatory demands to ensure that they are best positioned for expansion when economic conditions turn around. That they've repeatedly chosen to work with Atrion is a testimony to our respected track record and renowned industry expertise, as well as our long-standing position at the forefront of current and emerging regulatory compliance legislations.

About Atrion's Product Compliance Solution

Atrion's Product Compliance Solution is comprised of four suites that automate and streamline product compliance across the entire Product Life Cycle. All are powered by Atrion's Managed Regulatory Content:

- Materials Compliance Suite ( (MCS) is an innovative and highly flexible component-based suite of compliance products. These products are specifically designed to provide seamless raw materials management, auto creation and authoring of MSDS and other safety-related documents in over 40 languages.

- Chemical Management Solution ( is a portfolio of web-delivered products,which intuitively links all stages of the chemical life cycle. The CMS products reduce chemical handling and purchasing costs, while providing mission-critical information throughout the enterprise and across the supply chain.

- Compliance Suite for EHS ( complements SAP's EHS offering and is delivered as a pre-packaged solution allowing organizations to easily integrate Atrion's Managed Regulatory Content and expertise into their existing SAP EHS environments.

- Regulatory Analysis Solution (RAS) ( provides regulatory compliance within Infor PLM Optiva.

About Atrion International

Atrion International Inc., founded in 1989, delivers the most reliable, product compliance solutions for multinational 'formula-based' companies. By integrating the largest set of managed regulatory content into a prepackaged automated solution and connecting to key ERP systems, Atrion's Product Compliance Solution ensures that products will reach customers with minimal risks to brand image and shareholder value. Atrion International is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with offices in the United States and Europe.

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Atrion Intl. Contact: Donna Zamiska, Marketing Communication Manager, +1-514-337-2114, ext. 226, PR Contact: Sabine Kerner, iFact inc, +1-514-735-9892,

Atrion Intl. Contact: Donna Zamiska, Marketing Communication Manager, +1-514-337-2114, ext. 226, PR Contact: Sabine Kerner, iFact inc, +1-514-735-9892,