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- Internationally Renowned Image Consultant and Cosmetic Surgery Expert Introduces Webcam Consultations -

International beauty expert and leading image enhancement consultant Wendy Lewis (, dubbed The Knife Coach(R) by the media, understands that beauty is on a "need-to-do" budget in today's economy. To bridge the gap between her phone consultations and more personal meetings, Wendy Lewis has introduced another valuable beauty service -- live Webcam consultations -- which clients can conveniently conduct from their home or office anywhere in the world.

Advice seekers unable to travel to New York, London, Paris or Palm Beach where Lewis holds appointments, can dial her directly through Skype(TM), a free Internet-based phone service and talk "face to face" with Wendy -- live -- via the Webcam feature. Clients will receive personalized counseling to answer all their questions and address their concerns in real-time. Webcam consultation fees are US$300.00 per hour for U.S.-based clients, or the equivalent in British Pounds or Euros for clients from abroad, a savings of US$100 over her highly coveted in-person sessions.

"In today's crowded global cosmetic beauty market, the trend is for consumers to search the Internet for discount clinics across several time zones for cheap plastic," states Wendy Lewis. "I pride myself on identifying highly qualified board certified plastic surgeons, dermatologists, dentists and other professionals to match my clients' budgets. I take into account the personality, preferences, and geographic specifications of each client, as well as the doctors' expertise, and most importantly, what will work within their lifestyle," concludes Lewis.

Whether they are considering a facelift or need expert advice about the best lasers, facial fillers or cosmeceuticals on the market, men and women seeking cosmetic enhancements don't have to put their beauty agenda on hold until their stock portfolios bounce back. Webcam consultations are another way Wendy Lewis helps clients save valuable time and money by seeking out the best doctors they can afford to match their individual needs.

Since the Webcam service was launched, it has become popular among Europeans eager to take advantage of the weaker dollar and have procedures done in America. They benefit from the convenience of a comprehensive cosmetic consultation with Wendy Lewis, by having appointments with top doctors made on their behalf in advance of a trip across the Atlantic.

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