SAN FRANCISCO, October 5, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- deCarta, Inc., a leader in location-based services today announced several major new extensions to the MapSearch(TM) product suite, allowing Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), mobile handset OEMs and local search providers to easily deploy branded local search applications with customized content across mobile handsets and computers. By tailoring the content and user experience to their specific needs, MNOs and handset OEMs can improve the ultimate user experience for their customers while maintaining control of the local search value chain.

deCarta MapSearch consists of configurable and customizable LBS services, a local search engine, geospatial content, developer APIs, and applications, all provided as part of deCarta's cloud services. The new extensions expand the capabilities of MapSearch and make it even easier for customers to deploy branded map-based search applications:

- MapSearch Content Cloud: MapSearch customers can upload customized or tailored content to the MapSearch Content Cloud. End-users can then access MapSearch's advanced search features to find what they are looking for in that content. Content can be held private for the content provider's application only, or made publically available for use by third parties. - MapSearch APIs: Expanded APIs allow MNOs to deploy local search across most major mobile handset platforms (Android, iPhone, bada, J2ME, Mobile JavaScript) as well as through computer browsers. This allows Widespread deployment to all consumers, not just users of high-end smartphones. - MapSearch Engine: deCarta's Local Search Engine provides the most advanced spatial search including search around locations, search along a route, category search, free text search, international geocoding, international direction finding, directory search, UGC search, geo-fencing and more. This gives users more relevant, more accurate results and a better user experience.

MapSearch is built on deCarta's Drill Down Server (DDS), the most widely-used independent location services platform in the world and is hosted as a cloud-based service for fast and easy deployment.

Map-based local search is in high demand from mobile consumers, with one in three mobile searches yielding a local result. Increasingly, the providers of these search applications control the user experience, advertising ecosystem, and ultimately, consumer loyalty. MNOs and Handset OEMs who have traditionally had very close relationships with their customers, are showing growing interest in providing these services themselves, rather than leaving it to large internet service providers to manage and own these.

MapSearch is all about delivering control of state-of-the-art mobile local search applications back to the MNOs and Handset OEMs, said J. Kim Fennell, President and CEO of deCarta. The bar for local search is high, but it must also be easy to deploy and configurable to meet the customers' needs. MapSearch does that and we are excited by the new opportunities it presents.

deCarta has already deployed MapSearch with T-Mobile in the Web'n'Walk platform, with Samsung bada and on Opera Mobile browsers. In addition, deCarta has today announced new relationships with Sensis/Telstra and Optus/SingTel. deCarta also announced the new deCarta Navigation application for white label deployment of turn-by-turn navigation on handsets and smartphones.

For more information, please contact deCarta at, or visit them at Booth #701 at CTIA.

SOURCE: deCarta, Inc.

CONTACT: Amanda Slayton-Joslin, Honcho PR for deCarta, +44(0)7774-601059,