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- Embedded Crypto Evaluation Studio Offers Menu-driven Security Configuration and Evaluation

Atmel(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) today announced its Aris++ Development kit with Crypto Evaluation Studio(TM) tool suite for the design and evaluation of counterfeit-proofing embedded applications that are protected by hardware-based encryption and mutual authentication. The Aris++ kit includes a stand-alone application development board with Atmel's 8 Kbit CryptoMemory(R) IC, a CryptoCompanion chip for plug-and-play host-side configuration, and an AT90USB1287 AVR(C) flash microcontroller for application development. The board has an LCD display, joy stick, push buttons and LEDs. JTAG, USB, and serial ports provide extensive debug, connectivity, and power options.

The Embedded Crypto Evaluation Studio in Aris++ provides a menu-driven, graphical user interface for CryptoMemory configuration and testing. Aris++ includes development libraries that implement all host cryptographic operations required for secure communication on a variety of different microcontroller platforms. The Aris++ Embedded Crypto Solutions CD also provides comprehensive information pertaining to CryptoMemory and CryptoCompanion ICs, including datasheets, white papers, application examples and much more. Applications developed with Aris++ may be ported to any microcontroller platform.

Increasingly, hackers are illegally using embedded system IP to create and market product clones. This is a common problem in GPS navigators, cell phones, settop boxes and game consoles, to name a few. One of the most effective means of protecting embedded systems that are prone to counterfeiting, firmware theft and the violation of licensing agreements is through the implementation of cryptographic hardware security, such as that provided by CryptoMemory.

Developing such systems without the Aris++ kit and CryptoCompanion chip requires engineers to develop expertise on cryptography and cryptographic algorithms and manually write software to implement systems security. The libraries that come with the Aris++ kit contain all the required cryptographic functions in a ready-to-use form. Embedded Crypto Evaluation Studio walks engineers through the security-configuration process via check boxes and walk-through menus. No coding is required.

The complete embedded application and its security features can be fully demonstrated, evaluated, and tested using the LCD screen, joy stick, buttons and LEDs on the Aris++ development board, without loading any software on a PC. With the JTAG port, engineers can easily detect syntactic and semantic errors in their software and have greater visibility into the workings of their applications. Aris++ is fully compatible with Atmel's low cost JTAG-ICE MkII debug platform.

CryptoMemory devices are the world's only secure EEPROMs with a 64-bit embedded hardware cryptographic engine including multiple non-readable 64-bit keys that can be used for both authentication and session encryption. CryptoMemory features dual authentication capability, with 1- to 256-Kbits of usable memory and up to 16 individually configurable sectors. It supports a 2-Wire and IS0 7816-3 (T=0 mode) communications interfaces.

CryptoCompanion is a single-chip host solution that implements algorithms and securely stores and manages the host secrets required for secure communications. The companion chip implements these algorithms and the entire protocol completely in hardware so the system designer does not have to design or test the security layer of his application software. It integrates hardware cryptographic engines, a cryptographic quality hardware random number generator, and securely manages up to 16 host keys. The CryptoCompanion executes all host-side operations including dual authentication, data encryption, firmware integrity verification, and generation of Message Authentication Codes (MAC) for secure communication.

Availability and Pricing

Aris++ kits are available now through Atmel's normal sales channels. The kits sell for US$99.95 each.

CryptoMemory ICs are available in standard 8-pin SOIC and PDIP plastic packages, and smartcard modules. Prices start at US$0.30 in quantities of 10,000 units. CryptoCompanion chips are available in 8-pin SOIC packages and are priced at US$0.30 in quantities of 10,000 units.

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