CAMBRIDGE, England, March 25, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The MathWorks is hosting a free conference focussing on Model-Based Design. The event, aimed at new and existing users of MATLAB and Simulink, will provide an opportunity to meet with engineers, scientists and MathWorks experts to learn more about modelling and simulating complex dynamic systems.

The keynote presentation by Chris Fielding, Flight Control Systems Technologist, BAE Systems will focus on how BAE Systems uses The MathWorks tools for modelling, design, simulation, and testing of flight control systems for a wide variety of production and research aircraft.

The conference will be relevant to those looking to enhance their knowledge of Model-Based Design and will demonstrate how, through the adoption of Model-Based Design, product quality can be improved and development time reduced by 50% or more.

When: 18 - 19 May, 2010 Where: Staverton Park, Daventry, Northamptonshire Who: - Keynote speaker: Chris Fielding, Flight Control Systems Technologist, BAE Systems - After-dinner speaker: Richard Noble, Director of the BLOOD Project What: - Learn about the latest technologies for developing high-integrity software and hardware using Model-Based Design - Hear how companies like Airbus, Areva, Jaguar Land Rover, Ultra Electronics, and other leading U.K. companies are using MathWorks tools - Attend master class tutorials delivered by senior MathWorks engineers to learn tips and techniques for a deeper understanding of product features and applications - View demonstrations of the latest MATLAB and Simulink features and functionality - Network with industry peers and MathWorks experts Why: To explore how Model-Based Design: - Reduces the complexity of model designs by breaking them into hierarchies of individual design blocks. - Helps engineers to conceptualise the entire system and simplifies the process of transporting the model from one stage to another in the design process. To understand how Model-Based Design helps in achieving: - Efficiency gains - Reduced time to market and improved quality - Reduced dependence on physical prototypes - Early detection and correction of problems before implementation and test WWW: To get more information and register go to the following web page:

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