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- A Unique Global Traveling Amusement Park for People With Multiple Severe Handicaps and the Elderly Suffering From Serious Dementia is now Open to the Public

- HRH Princess Annette van Oranje-Nassau-van Vollenhoven Will be Hosting the Official Opening Ceremony of De Belevenis This Coming April 25

An old Dutch wish for becomes reality: De Belevenis is a full-fledged entertainment centre for people with multiple severe handicaps and the elderly who suffer from serious dementia. Entertainment is not something these people take for granted. Existing amusement parks do not offer sufficient care facilities and are not designed for the manner in which they experience the world. Thousands of enthusiastic reactions poured in to a previously opened smaller version of De Belevenis in 2006 in Duivendrecht which paved the way for this new true amusement park.

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A tent of more than 1600 square meters has now been erected on the same location. During the last six months more than a hundred artists and volunteers have been creating special decorations and activities. It took twenty trailers to put it all into place. The amusement park De Belevenis will be welcoming the public all over The Netherlands. Every centimeter is aimed at stimulating the senses. In addition to the many care facilities the amusement park also offers eight different theme worlds, including an underwater world, an Oriental world and a winter world. The amusement park is filled with numerous activities. Pneumatic technology makes elephants, polar bears, seals and cave monsters come alive. Visitors can also fly on a Persian carpet or fight with an earthquake wall. As well, visitors in a wheelchair can make an adventurous journey through a corridor filled with exciting surprises.

Visitors can also enjoy theater performances, access to massages and will be able to indulge in culinary treats in the park's restaurant. De Belevenis turns amusement into reality for people with severe multiple handicaps and the elderly who suffer from serious dementia. Parents, family members, and supervisors are enabled visit a place where they feel welcome, meet other people and have a great time together.

Program Saturday April 25, Borchlandweg 6-12, 1099 CT Amsterdam/Duivendrecht

09.30 AM - 01.00 PM: Location: De Belevenis. Media will be able to report on the worlds of De Belevenis and her visitors. 01.40 PM - 02.45 PM: Location: Great Hall of the Amstelborgh Borchland. Presentations De Belevenis. 02.30 PM - 02.45 PM: Location: De Belevenis - outside (press section) Official opening ceremony by Princess Annette. Subsequently, guided tour for invited guests and media.

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AMSTERDAM, April 22 /PRNewswire/ --

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