BERLIN, March 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Prof. Mustafa Özbaran, leading surgeon of the VAD program at the EGE University Hospital in Izmir, implanted for the first time a few days ago the optimized 3rd generation Berlin Heart INCOR system with its new features. The surgeon recalls The implantation went very well, there were no complications. Two years ago, Prof. Mustafa Özbaran implanted his first Berlin Heart EXCOR system. Ever since then, further lifesaving implantations of the paracorporeal EXCOR and the implantable INCOR system for the critically ill patients followed. In total, Ege University implanted 15 EXCOR Adult, 4 EXCOR Pediatric and 7 INCOR LVAD systems. The hospital, which meanwhile became a regional reference center regarding ventricular assist devices, achieves great outcomes with the products of the Berlin Heart company. Dr. Stefan Thamasett, general manager of Berlin Heart, says We are really happy about the great results Prof. Özbaran and his team are achieving. Thus patients with end-stage heart failure in Turkey receive with our products the best treatment which is possible. Furthermore, we are glad that, because of his experience and his VAD program's function as a reference center, Prof. Özbaran supports other hospitals in different countries in establishing ventricular assist device programs in order to set up advanced-therapy programs for heart failure patients.

About the INCOR ventricular assist device

INCOR is an implantable left ventricular assist device for adults. The impeller, the only moving part within the pump, is magnetically levitated, which makes the pump unique worldwide and ideally suited for long-term support. More than 500 patients have been supported with the system, some of them for several years. The longest support time so far is six years.

Increasingly, INCOR is used in patients who are suffering from sever cardiac insufficiency as a life-saving device. Moreover, INCOR is implanted in order to bridge the waiting time for a matching donor heart in patients requiring heart transplantation. In rare cases, the mechanical support can lead to recovery of the heart and subsequent explantation of the system.

About Berlin Heart

Berlin Heart GmbH is the only company worldwide that develops, produces, and distributes implantable and external ventricular assist devices for patients of every age and body size. The company is market leader in Germany and Europe. EXCOR(R) is currently under clinical investigation for pediatric use in USA. All other products are not FDA approved.

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SOURCE: Berlin Heart GmbH

CONTACT: Kerstin Unkel, Marketing PR, Phone: +49(0)30-8187-2708,