AMSTERDAM, September 6, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobileye, the global pioneer and leader in vision-based collision prevention systems, announced today that it has launched the Mobileye C2-270(TM), a revolutionary system featuring the EyeQ2(R) vision chip, which detects pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles, and lane markings. Now available globally as an off-the-shelf product for all vehicles, this technology saves lives, alerting and prompting drivers in the critical seconds before a collision occurs, and thus boosting pedestrian, road and vehicle safety.

Despite the stiffening of laws in various countries on driving behavior in recent years, countless distractions continue diverting the attention of drivers - a ringing cell phone, noisy road construction, or even a baby crying in the back seat. Momentary distractions that affect everyone, even the most experienced of drivers, raising the chances for a collision. These dangers can now be averted with the Mobileye C2-270(TM).

The Mobileye C2-270(TM) has unprecedented alert capabilities for drivers, says Isaac Litman, CEO of Mobileye Products, and best of all, drivers can drive reassured with the feeling that an extra eye is constantly at work in the car, giving them another line of defense in an increasingly dangerous road environment.

The process is simple. The Mobileye C2-270 (TM) camera, mounted behind the windshield of the car, constantly monitors the road in front of the vehicle while the car is in motion. The camera is connected to a display unit placed within the driver's field of view. If the camera spots a danger in the way, the display will flash bright color-coded icons and sound a warning to alert the driver up to 2.7 seconds before impact - precious time in which the driver can take immediate action to avert a collision.

The most exciting feature of the Mobileye C2-270(TM) is the Pedestrian Collision Warning, which allows the system to identify pedestrians or bicycles and warn the driver before a collision. The new system also detects motorcycles, and when coupled with Mobileye's award-winning technology, which brought the consumer forward collision warnings, unintended lane departure warnings, and insufficient distance-keeping, the Mobileye C2-270(TM) will lead the market as the most effective driver assistance tool for collision prevention.

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Mobileye N.V. is headquartered in The Netherlands, with RD facilities in Israel and offices in the U.S., Cyprus and Japan. Mobileye is a technological leader in the area of advanced image sensing and processing technology for automotive applications, with a product offering covering the entire range of vision applications. Mobileye's unique monocular vision platform works as a third eye to help drivers improve safety and avoid accidents, and revolutionizes the way we drive. Mobileye's products contain proprietary software algorithms bundled on the EyeQ(TM) system-on-chip which have alreday been integrated into BMW, GM, Volvo and Yulon Motors (Nissan) models since 2007. For more information, visit:

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