WAREGEM, Belgium and SHANGAI, July 3 /PRNewswire/ --

- A Joint Bidding Team, Initiated by Enfinity, Won the First 10 MWp Solar
Concession Project

The Dunhuang PV Project involves an investment of 200 million yuan (27 mio
euro), with an annual power production of 16.37 million kWh, and a franchised
operation term of 25 years. In late March 2009, the Chinese National Development
and Reform Commission (NDRC) planned an open tender to confirm the on-grid
electricity price and technical solutions. A total of 13 enterprises including
major domestic power giants got the upper hand in the bidding, with tender
prices ranging from 0.69 yuan/kWh (0.071 euro/kWh) to 1.9 yuan/kWh (0.196
euro/kWh). The joint bidding team, which is initiated by Enfinity, has won the
project with the price of 1.09 yuan/kWh. CGNPC and LDK Solar are the partners on
the bid.

The project is expected to start construction within 4 months and has to be
completed within the 18 following months, commented Gino Van Neer, founder of
Enfinity. All PV systems will be PV tracker panels, installed on land. Enfinity
is in the process of setting up the Dunhuang joint venture company and
confirming the EPC contract. In the near future Enfinity will develop a total of
500 MWp of PV installations in the Dunhuang region.

Winning this bid is an important milestone for Enfinity's international
expansion strategy and it will act as an entrance ticket towards the high
potential Asian market, says a very proud Gino Van Neer.

NDRC of China also intent to set up a bench mark FIT (Feed in tariff) at 1.09
yuan/kWh that Enfinity proposed. Enfinity as the only foreign player who
participated in the tender has attracted a lot of attention in Asia.

Followed by the success of the Dunhuang project, Enfinity is continuing the
development in China. This week, Enfinity had its first self-developed project
in Shizuishan (Ningxia province) approved by the provincial level government.
The 10MWp project is ready to be submitted to NDRC for the FIT approval.

About Enfinity N.V.

Enfinity N.V. is established in Waregem (Belgium), and is a fast-growing and
ambitious company with international activities in renewable energy. As a
project specialist, Enfinity ensures the implementation of solar energy power
plants, and is today already present in twelve countries including Belgium,
Italy, Spain, France, Greece, the US, Canada and Germany. In order to finance
these energy projects, Enfinity works with individual project companies whose
financial means are provided by equity investors and banks.

Enfinity is in the process of developing, building and financing PV projects
with a total capacity of more than 145 MW and is planning to initiate several
hundred megawatts through 2010. In 2008 Enfinity had a turnover of 83.1 mio

Enfinity also sells end-to-end solar installations to companies and private
persons. For the consumer, this is done via an extensive dealer network.

At this time, Enfinity is focusing on solar energy based on photovoltaic
technology but the company also has concrete plans for entering the wind energy
field. The founders of the company are Gino Van Neer and Patrick Decuyper with
the support of 'business angel' Marc Dewaele.

In 2009, Enfinity has consolidated its international position with a 50 million
Euro investment by investment firm Waterland.

About LDK Solar

LDK Solar is a pure-play manufacturer dedicated solely to the design,
development, manufacturing and distribution of multi-crystalline solar wafers.
Wafers are the principal raw material used to produce solar cells, which are
devices capable of converting sunlight into electricity. Their manufacturing
process is based on proprietary production processes utilizing both virgin and
recyclable polysilicon for ingot production. Through this proprietary process,
they are able to offer their global solar cell and module manufacturer customers
considerable cost advantages while maintaining quality and performance.


Established in September 1994 with a registered capital of RMB 10.2 billion,
China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Co., Ltd (CGNPC) is a central corporation
under the leadership of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration
Commission (SASAC) of the State Council with nuclear power as its core business.
It is the only clean energy corporation in China which centers its business on
nuclear power. China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (CGNPG) is a large
conglomerate comprising of its core company, CGNPC, and over twenty

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