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- eToro's Groundbreaking Visual Software Presents a new Approach to Forex Trading ( Innovative Visualization and Adjustment of its Features According to the Level of Experience of Each Particular Trader, all Enabling eToro to Cater to Traders of all Levels of Experience

Once in a while, a product comes along and revolutionizes a whole industry. This has been the case with the unique eToro forex trading platform. Due to its incredible appeal, in just one year eToro has drawn in thousands of people of all ages, from all over the world. From Canada to China, from Spain to Australia, people who have never considered trading forex before - have discovered the wonders of the Forex ( world with eToro.

eToro utilizes an innovative visual interface (a registered patent!) that simplifies forex trading and makes trading user-friendly for traders of all levels of experience. eToro's trading arenas use visualizations that enable traders to trade forex intuitively, for example by trading on an animated world map. By using visual trade representations, eToro makes the complex forex market understandable even to first time traders.

Furthermore, eToro has drawn in countless experienced traders who have opted to switch trading platform in order to benefit from eToro's user-friendly interface and superb trade execution. eToro's 'Expert Mode' allows seasoned traders to focus solely on trading, with all the features a professional trader needs, combined in one all encompassing trading screen that also provides forex news and calendar.

One of the unique characteristics of eToro is its emphasis on community which includes chats, forums and contests. Furthermore, eToro's community can help the trader make his trading decisions with a tool called 'Top Traders' Insight', which lets traders see the most popular trades of eToro's 100 top profiting traders. This tool provides traders with a fantastic opportunity to use the expertise of the pros instead of doing their own market analysis.

David Morgan, from the UK, is an example of eToro's traders: "I never traded forex before because all other trading platforms are complicated to understand and to use," he says. "I started trading with eToro with just $50, and found the unique visual interface of eToro to be very friendly and educational, and within a short time, I became a professional forex trader."

Contact: Ron Brightman VP Marketing +972-54-2200112

Contact: Ron Brightman, VP Marketing, +972-54-2200112,