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- At Last, Gloves That are Compatible With Your iPhone, iPod Touch and Other Touch-Screen Devices!

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Digital communications agency Etre announced the launch of a new pair of gloves today aimed primarily at users of touch-screen devices like Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. Etre Touchy gloves are a stylish, fun and practical way to keep your hands warm and dry while using mobile phones, portable games systems, music players and other electronic devices. Their missing thumb and index fingertips allow you to touch, tap, stroke, slide and pinch these devices' displays in any way you desire - a facet of their design that is particularly important when interacting with touch-screen devices like the iPhone and iPod Touch, since their capacitive touch-screen technology means that they can only respond to bare fingertips.

Etre Touchy gloves seek to fill the gap left between normal pairs of gloves and fingerless pairs of gloves. While normal pairs of gloves keep your hands warm and dry, they aren't compatible with modern touch-screen devices, which only respond to skin-on-screen contact. Their bulkiness and general lack of sensitivity also leads to fat-fingering misery when using the tiny keypads of other mobile devices.

With fingerless gloves, the opposite set of problems exists. Their missing fingertips allow you to operate modern touch-screen devices and provide the dexterity necessary to avoid pressing multiple keys at the same time when using other gadgets. But they don't keep your hands warm and dry, which defeats the purpose of wearing a pair of gloves in the first place.

Etre Touchy gloves provide the best of both worlds, giving you the warmth and dryness of a normal pair of gloves combined with the gadget-compatibility of a pair of fingerless gloves. That's because they are part normal pair of gloves, part fingerless pair of gloves: They cover your middle, ring and little fingers completely, keeping your hands cosy, clean and dry; while exposing only the tips of your thumbs and index fingers.

At the present time, Etre Touchy gloves are available in two sizes - medium and large - and one colour - charcoal with turquoise trim. However, Etre hopes to add new colours, sizes and customisation options in the near future.

The gloves cost GBP14.99 GBP including PP and can be ordered directly from

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About Etre

Etre Touchy gloves are the product of the warped minds of Etre - a digital communications agency specialising in results-driven user experience design. Etre works with multinational corporations, central government departments, local authorities and not-for-profit organisations to maximise their websites' usability, accessibility and findability. Recent clients include Anglo American, British Council, Deloitte, English Partnerships, Eurostar, Mars, Mencap and Ogilvy.

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