NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands, September 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Mrs Wil Heufkens donated her blood for the five hundredth time in the Bloodbank in Nijmegen, Netherlands. No other person in Europe ever donated so often.

Twenty eight years ago, on 24 September 1982, Mrs Heufkens donated blood for the first time. She is now 67 years of age. Mrs Heufkens started donating whole blood. She was one of the first donors to change from whole blood to plasma donation by means of apheresis almost twenty years ago. Plasma is the fluid in which blood cells are suspended in the bloodstream. Plasmapheresis is a blood donation procedure in which the blood is passed through a device that separates the plasma from the blood cells and returns the red blood cells to the donor. Using this procedure an individual may donate plasma much more frequently than whole blood.

Being a dedicated plasma donor since the beginning of the nineties, mrs Heufkens donates 650 ml of plasma every two weeks, and is a familiar face at Sanquin Blood Bank in Nijmegen. More people should donate blood, I like helping other people this way.

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The Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation is responsible, on a non-profit basis, for the blood supply and for the promotion of blood transfusion, in such a way as to meet the most stringent quality, safety and efficiency requirements. The foundation provides products and services, carries out research and provides education.

SOURCE: The Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation

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