NEU-ISENBURG, Germany, November 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The new N- and S-pole sensing Hall-sensor series S-5721A/22A/23A are laid out in CMOS with Push-Pull or N-Ch-Open-Drain Output. Despite low current consumption magnetic field is detected fast and safe. The magnetism detection logic, S-pole approximation initiates a H to L transition, (N-pole initiates L to H), the supply voltage range of 4V to 5,5V and the operating temperature range of -40degreesC to +85degreesC, are common to all ICs. The Hall-Sensors differ in speed and current requirement on one hand and magnetic sensitivity, energy-saving-option and package type on the other. S-5722A/23A belong to the faster Hall ICs with a detection frequency of 7.6 KHz, corresponding to 0.132ms detection period. The resulting current consumption of 0.95mA in the S-5722A can be reduced to 1nA using the Power-Down-Function, pulsed operation for energy saving is possible. S-5723A is destined for continuous operation, packaged in SOT-23-3 that can dissipate 430mW; its sensitivity is 3mT/-3mT typical. The S-5721A has the lowest current requirements of only 0.08mA, which may be reduced to 1nA using the Power-Down-Function. Its detection frequency of 0.63KHz corresponds to 1.58ms detection period. With the faster S-5722A it has higher sensitivity of typ. 2.5mT/-2.5mT and the small SNT-4A package in common. The Hall sensor ICs are aimed at rotation detection as found in the control of motors and drives. The appropriate arrangement of 2 sensors permits detection of speed and direction of rotation, a capability helpful for jog-dial switches. Seiko Instruments manufactures and sells also magnets to control Hall sensor ICs.

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SOURCE: Seiko Instruments GmbH

CONTACT: Contact: Paul Krisam, Technical Sales Support Manager, ComponentsDepartment, Seiko Instruments GmbH, Siemensstrasse 9, 63263 Neu-Isenburg,Germany, Tel.: +49-6102-297-143, Fax: +49-6102-297-50-143, Mobile:+49-172-6396-127, eMail: