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- Funding Designated to Accelerate Finjan's Growth and Leadership Within the Global Secure Web Gateway Market

Finjan Inc., a leading provider of Secure Web Gateway solutions for the enterprise market, today announced that it has raised $22 million in an investment round led by HarbourVest Partners, with participation by new and current investors Benchmark Capital, Israel Seed Partners, Benhamou Global Ventures, and Cisco. The company will use the proceeds to accelerate its growth and leadership within the global Secure Web Gateway market.


The Secure Web Gateway market is one of the fastest growing security segments with a great impact on content security as a whole said Alex Rogers, Managing Director of HarbourVest Partners. With its patented real-time content inspection and its proven expertise and track record, Finjan is uniquely positioned to proactively eliminate web-borne threats. Combined with its productivity, liability and bandwidth control, Finjan offers enterprises a comprehensive web security solution with reduced total cost of ownership. We are therefore excited to invest in Finjan, Inc., Rogers added.

This round of funding will assist Finjan in expanding its sales and marketing infrastructure and to bolster its leadership position in the web security arena.

We are excited to close this investment round now, especially considering the current economic downturn. Thanks to Finjan's employees and executive team, we achieved record sales as well as major competitive wins. Our patented technology is favored by analysts and customers alike, which enables us to provide outstanding products and solutions. We are proud of our ability to maintain our exceptional high-level of customers' satisfaction and of the high renewal rates with existing customers - all achieved with an efficient operational structure, said John Vigouroux, President and CEO of Finjan. Since the market evolved from URL filtering and Anti-Virus into a composite SWG market, Finjan's Secure Web Gateway is perfectly positioned to serve this $1B market with its unique product offering.

Finjan Secure Web Gateway enables organizations control, security and compliance for all their web productivity, liability and security needs. Differentiated by its industry-proven active real-time content inspection technology, Finjan Secure Web Gateway inspects inbound and outbound communication to prevent Crimeware from infiltrating networks and from confidential data leakage.

Protecting over a million users in more than a thousand corporations worldwide, Finjan's Secure Web Gateway appliances have received multiple industry awards and recognition, attesting to the unparalleled security products delivered by Finjan.

About Finjan

Finjan is a leading provider of secure web gateway solutions ( for the enterprise market. Finjan Secure Gateway provides organizations with a comprehensive web security solution combining productivity, liability and bandwidth control via URL categorization, content caching and applications control technologies. Crimeware, malware and data leakage are proactively prevented via patented active real-time content inspection technologies and optional anti-virus modules. Powerful central management enables intuitive task-based policy management, excellent drill-down reporting capabilities and easy directory integration for all network implementation options. By integrating several security engines in one, single appliance, Finjan's comprehensive and integrated web security solution enable quick deployment, simplified management and reduction of costs. Business benefits include real-time web security (no patches or updates needed), lower total cost of ownership (TCO), cost savings in administration efforts, lower maintenance costs, and reduction in loss of productivity. Finjan's security solutions have received industry awards and recognition from leading analyst houses and publications, including Gartner, IDC, Butler Group, SC Magazine, eWEEK, CRN, ITPro, PCPro, ITWeek, Network Computing, and Information Security. With Finjan's award-winning and widely used solutions, businesses can focus on implementing web strategies to realize their full organizational and commercial potential. For more information about Finjan, please visit:

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