LONDON, June 24, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- FireScope, the leading innovator of IT Service Management solutions, today announces the availability of FireScope Dash, a powerful monitoring solution that delivers more features for less cost than comparable offerings from SolarWinds, IPSwitch and others.

Offered as either a virtual or a physical appliance, FireScope Dash bypasses the traditional headaches of solution deployments by including the complete software stack pre-installed and ready to start. This design, when coupled with FireScope Dash's built-in discovery and auto-configuration, enables organisations to get to their first real-time dashboards of infrastructure status and performance in minutes.

Dash is a disruptor for the industry, said Mark Lynd, President and COO of FireScope. For too long they've been treading water with solutions built from legacy architectures that require too much cost and effort to configure, use and maintain, and have no way to support the recent explosion of new technologies. I hope they take a good look at Dash and realise that the bar is being set higher.

The single, integrated solution includes: - Discovery -- The included discovery feature identifies critical hardware, operating systems and networked applications and automatically configures monitoring using profiles from over 1500+ commonly used assets. - Real-Time Monitoring -- Traditional monitoring capabilities such as SNMP, Syslog and WMI/Perfmon are just a few of FireScope Dash's built- in set of over 20+ monitoring methodologies. Highlights of this list include optional agents for most commonly used platforms, LDAP connectivity, direct database querying, an Enterprise Service Bus and more. - Event Analysis -- All metrics are normalised and monitored in real-time for performance thresholds, security events, error trapping and any first indicators of potential incident. Configuration of events is performed using plain-language selections to enable users of any experience level to define even the most complex events. - Dashboards and Reporting -- In addition to automatically generated dashboards and dynamic inline reporting, FireScope Dash enables users to create their own dashboard pages and reports, all without the need to install additional client-side software or write code. Reports can easily become dashboard components; no need to build the same view twice. - Customisability -- Users can easily extend FireScope Dash's out of the box configuration to monitor custom applications, define events, configure escalating notification and more -- all without the need to write code, edit files or install additional software.


FireScope Dash is available in two form factors, with two optional extras. For smaller organisations, Dash can be downloaded as a virtual machine and monitor up to 500 assets at a price of US$7,995. A physical appliance form factor is also available, with optimised hardware and the complete software stack pre-installed (Operating System and database included). Regardless of form factor, there is no cost per user, processor, interface or reports, a significant departure from traditional monitoring solution providers. The two optional extras are Virtualisation Management and Application Performance Management (APM) with User Experience Monitoring.


Virtualisation Management -- FireScope Dash can be expanded to monitor the performance of an organisation's virtual environment, as well as track human or system initiated changes to that environment. Unlike the competition, who typically utilise SNMP for virtualisation monitoring, FireScope Dash utilises VMWare's API for faster, more reliable access to data.

Application Performance Management (APM) / User Experience -- In addition to expanded application and management capabilities, this add-on includes the ability to simulate common tasks for web applications and email, evaluating each step for indicators of failure and performance across a wide range of metrics.


For organisations with multiple locations or large transactional environments, FireScope Dash can be upgraded to FireScope BSM Enterprise Edition. In addition to Dash's feature set, FireScope BSM includes collaboration features and a hardware configuration optimised for the unique needs of enterprise customers. FireScope BSM also includes the ability to deploy hundreds of appliances to remote business locations that feed a complete set of data and events to a corporate master appliance, enabling a truly global view of IT Operations.

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FireScope is a leading developer of groundbreaking IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions that are revolutionising how businesses conduct IT operations. In addition to Dash, FireScope's suite of products includes three primary offerings; Business Service Management (BSM) as your dashboard for your enterprise IT strategy, a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to become your playbook for IT Operations, and Compliance as your compass for managing IT compliance. FireScope Inc. has offices in Sydney, New York, Dallas, Munich and London. To learn more about FireScope and its advanced ITSM solutions, visit

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