LONDON, May 19, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- With the launch of Microsoft Office 2010, Fotolia's first-to-market image add-in for Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 officially goes global. Now available in 10 languages and 12 countries and regions, Fotolia has massively increased the multimedia functionality of the first microstock plug-in, with HD videos and subscription images available for download through Fotolia's free ribbon. Over 100,000 contributing artists to Fotolia have over eight-million images directly available to buyers in a previously untapped market.

Fotolia was the first microstock company to integrate images into Microsoft Office through a customized ribbon. Originally debuting in October 2009, nearly 75,000 people have downloaded the free plug-in from The result is a product that increases productivity and allows users to quickly make their documents more attractive and effective.

Fotolia is excited to be the first microstock company to integrate royalty-free images into the world's leading desktop applications. Artists from all across the world are now introduced to a whole new customer base. To support that initiative, the ribbon is available in all 12 regions and 10 languages that Fotolia has presence. With instant access to 15 free images a day, everyone from students to executives will find the Fotolia ribbon to be a useful addition to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

After downloading the free ribbon from, users can browse search results alongside their documents, along with custom galleries, downloaded image libraries, and a selection of free daily images. The ribbon is easy to navigate with login, lightbox, and download tabs. The revamped plug-in supports 10 languages, subscription downloads, and is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007. To get started, users create a free account on

This integration with Microsoft Office is one example of Fotolia's ongoing efforts to partner with innovative and industry leading players. Fotolia continues to set itself apart by promoting contributors through creative corporate partnerships and localized marketing. Several independent sources describe Fotolia as one the fastest growing microstock companies in the world.

Nearly two-million people prefer Fotolia, LLC for affordable, royalty-free images, graphics and HD videos. With the introduction of the Infinite Collection, Fotolia became the first worldwide microstock organization to offer both crowd-sourced and professional images on one site. Founded in New York City in 2004, Fotolia spans the globe with websites in 10 languages and websites in 12 regions. With over 8,000,000 images to choose from, find it on

Media Contact: Daniela Reissmann Director of Operations UK and Europe Fotolia, LLC Direct: +44(0)20-8816-7284

SOURCE: Fotolia

CONTACT: Media Contact: Daniela Reissmann, Director of Operations; UK andEurope, Fotolia, LLC, Direct: +44(0)20-8816-7284,