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- New Roaming Partnerships Announced

FREEDOM4 ( has launched a new service to enable customers to get the best possible broadband wireless connection whilst on the move. The combined 3G and WiFi software along with the plug-in dongle selects the highest quality connectivity at any given location to provide users with the ultimate flexible wireless service.

The new service, Mobile Broadband 1000 (, provides a range of value-added services including a WiFi hotspot locator from Satellite Navigation Systems, and a text service to find the nearest wireless access point to your current position.

FREEDOM4 has expanded its UK WiFi network with the addition of roaming partnerships with Spectrum Interactive plc and Briteyellow, taking the total number of hotspots in the UK to over 4,000 and to 50,000 globally. With the addition of the 3G data service, FREEDOM4 now has the potential to provide wireless broadband to 99% of UK population.

Richard Cunliffe, Chief Operating Officer at FREEDOM4 WiFi comments, "Our customers want the fastest possible download speeds available in the UK whilst on the move. We are committed to providing a high quality service and our research has shown that the new combined package can provide speeds significantly faster than other mobile broadband products in the marketplace. Designed with the user in mind, this service will provide greater speeds, availability and functionality."

Highlights of the recent FREEDOM4 tests include download speeds peaking at 17 Mbps, with average speeds reaching 2.8 Mbps. Over 600 connections were tested across the UK.

Pricing for the new FREEDOM4 service starts from GBP25 per month which includes dongle and any combination of either 1,000 Mb (1 Gb) of 3G or 1,000 WiFi minutes.

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About FREEDOM4 Group Plc

Comprising FREEDOM4 Limited and FREEDOM4 WiFi, the FREEDOM4 Group provides personal wireless broadband services without boundaries. With a national licence to deploy WiMAX services in the 3.6 GHz band, FREEDOM4 is working closely with businesses and local authorities to build the necessary infrastructure to provide broadband wireless internet access across the UK.

FREEDOM4 has partnerships with some of the leading names in wireless technologies and telecommunications, including Airspan Networks, Nokia Siemens Networks, Ericsson, and National Grid Wireless to provide WiMAX services to nomadic workers, businesses and SoHos via a scalable and resilient network.

FREEDOM4 through its WiFi and 3G service can provide data access to businesses and consumers in the UK and in 178 countries worldwide. Users can roam to WiFi hotspots through simple, one click client software.

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For further information please contact: Elizabeth West / James Marples, Berkeley Public Relations, Tel: +44(0)1629-826942,,

For further information please contact: Elizabeth West / James Marples, Berkeley Public Relations, Tel: +44(0)1629-826942,