GLASGOW, August 13 /PRNewswire/ -- In the future social sites will cease to become a place on the internet and start becoming the internet itself.

That's the key conclusion from an authoritative industry report, End of the beginning for social media, published by social media agency Yomego.

The report ( suggests that the momentum behind social media is unlikely to slow down anytime soon and points to the convergence of critical factors creating a pivotal moment for the online phenomenon.

According to Steve Richards, Yomego managing director, the end of the beginning is nigh - and more importantly the future of social media is starting to take shape.

He explains:

We have mass adoption, ubiquitous technology and considerable investment into social sites. These key factors are now converging, forcing changes that will see the last barriers knocked down: cross-compatibility, and profitable business models.

These trends will lead us to a point, where social sites cease to become a place on the internet and start becoming the internet itself.

The report explores how social media has developed into an industry valued at over $70bn.

It goes on to predict that that it will evolve into something even more pervasive and how its popularity and technology will affect marketing budgets over the next 24 months.

He summarises:

Conventional websites are now incorporating social aspects such as user- generated content or social bookmarking. It is not a huge leap from here to the point where the entire internet is based around social sites and functionality.

In this new world, niche social networks will proliferate, brands will 'do' rather than simply 'say' and the internet will be defined by your preferences.

As these social spaces become our gateways to more and more content and interaction, a traditional approach to online brand advertising no longer applies.

Banners are out. In come advertorial-style content, branded apps and brand-led community sites.

Platforms such as Google Wave and Netvibes are already giving a glimpse of a future where users choose what information they want; where they filter data before it's delivered, and customize the way it's presented.

The next phase of the social media revolution offers huge potential for brands who get their strategy right, as well as pitfalls for those who fail to adapt. For end users, the good can only get better.

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