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The globally-recognised authority on record-breaking achievements, Guinness World Records, announces the latest and greatest in video gaming with the publication of Guinness World Records 2009 Gamer's Edition. As Great Britain experiences the heaviest snowfall in eighteen years, launch celebrations for the UK version are postponed until 11th February.

Hailed by critics as the gamer's bible in 2008, this year's edition promises to keep gamers occupied for hours with 216 pages of original records, facts and trivia. The all new 2009 Gamer's Edition encompasses everything from the history of gaming to individual scores and facts from all genres of video games.

Records include the Largest Virtual Army (America's Army, with more than 8 million registered users - almost 15 times larger than the actual US Army); the Longest Drum Marathon On Rock Band (26 hrs, 40 min); Most Controls on a Video Game (Steel Battalion, which features 49 different input devices, including foot pedals, a gear level, two control sticks and a button that activates in-screen windscreen wipers); Most Successful Entertainment Product Launch (Grand Theft Auto IV); and the Most Played Online Game (Call of Duty 4, with more than 1.3 million players daily on Xbox 360 alone).

Editor-in-Chief of Guinness World Records, Craig Glenday, says: Our intention behind Gamer's Edition is to offer a snapshot of the gaming universe uniquely through the eyes of Guinness World Records - in a format that appeals to both casual and hardcore gamers.

The book covers all consoles and gaming levels, as well as a special section on banned and controversial games (pinball machines were banned in the U.S. for 34 years), War Games (Metal Gear, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor), Superhero Games (Batman, Spider-Man, Superman), Space Games (Star Trek, Wing Commander, Star Wars). The 2009 Gamer's Edition also features interviews with key gaming industry heroes, such as Ralph H. Baer, investigates the growing craze in healthy gaming, and offers Twin Galaxies' leaderboard of high scores and fastest times.

Concurring with Glenday's view, records manager and gaming specialist Gaz Deaves adds: As with the amazing achievements in the main book, we are always happy to welcome new record breakers in to Gamer's Edition and the Guinness World Records family. Anybody who's dedicated to breaking a record in the video gaming world can contact us with a claim through our website

To celebrate the UK launch of the new edition on the 11th of February, British eccentric motoring inventor Edd China will unveil his latest wacky creation on four wheels - the Fastest Mobile Gaming Rig. Complete with all three current generation consoles and monitors, this unique piece of mobile furniture will tour the streets of London with three gamers onboard after setting a speed record on the A40.

Also in celebration of the UK launch, the world's Youngest Professional Gamer, Lil Poison (Victor De Leon III), is due to visit London for the very first time on 9th February. 10-year old, Long Island (NY) native, Lil Poison claimed the title after signing with MLG recruiters as a Pro Gamer at the age of six.

Today, on the other side of the pond, reigning Guinness World Record-holder Danny Johnson will attempt to reclaim his Guitar God status on Guitar Hero(r) III: Legends of Rock in New York City. Johnson will try to best the previous record of 899,703 points on Guitar Hero's toughest song - Through the Fire and Flames.

Even prior to its launch, 2009 Gamer's Edition received critical acclaim from with Kotaku, stating: With entries for professional gaming, top selling games in history, the history of hardware and Guitar Hero, the Guinness World Records 2009 Gamer's Edition looks to be a must have for fans of gaming.

About Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records is the universally recognized authority on record-breaking achievement. First published in 1955, the annual Guinness World Records book is published in more than 100 countries and 25 languages and is one of the highest-selling books under copyright of all time with more than 3 million copies sold annually across the globe. Guinness World Records celebrated its 50th anniversary edition in 2004, a year after the sale of its 100 millionth copy. Guinness World Records also annually publishes the Gamer's Edition; a records book devoted solely to the world of computer gaming and high score record achievements. The Guinness World Records website ( receives more than 11 million visitors a year. Guinness World Records is part of the Jim Pattison Group, one of Canada's largest privately owned companies which is a conglomerate of interests, including advertising, broadcasting, grocery stores and automotive retailing.

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