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- Provides Service Providers With a New Level of Control in the Management and Delivery of Targeted Mobile Advertisements

Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) today announced that E-Plus group (a member of the KPN group) is now using Alcatel-Lucent's newly launched Advertising Selection Server for its mobile advertising offering through its subsidiary Gettings. The Advertising Selection Server is a critical new element in Alcatel-Lucent's suite of digital media and advertising solutions. Providing a new level of control in the management of mobile advertising campaigns, this new product features advanced targeting algorithms that makes it easy for mobile service providers to offer advertisers highly focused and impactful advertising campaigns.

This mobile advertising solution, implemented as a hosted service, is a key element of the Gettings business model around mobile advertising which was developed through extensive collaboration between Alcatel-Lucent and E-Plus group in the creation of new service features and system testing. Gettings enables advertisers to deliver targeted mobile advertising campaigns to all customers of the E-Plus group in an opt in model.

Advertising must not be perceived as a nuisance. This is especially true for ads on a mobile phone, says Daniel Euler, managing director of E-Plus' Gettings. Mobile Advertising only works if it strictly centers around the recipients' interests. The hosted Advertising Selection Server, offered by Alcatel-Lucent, is clearly contributing to fulfill such demand for customer orientation through the Gettings offer. It also works well with our existing system landscape.

In the Gettings application E-Plus' consumers choose between three packages - S, M and L - where they will receive between 10 and 25 mobile ads per week. The Advertising Selection Server enables users to provide their preferences so they receive only mobile ads that interest them - both enhancing their experience and providing advertisers with a higher value, more targeted campaign.

Using the Advertising Selection Server, service providers receive unique access to consumers through subscriber profile information, and can address the growing mobile advertising market of which the U.S. segment alone is expected to grow from US$160M in 2008 to US$3.1B in 2013 (The Kelsey Group, Feb. 2009).

The Advertising Selection Server provides mobile service providers with a single platform that is able to deliver via SMS, MMS and WAP a mix of push and pull targeted advertising campaigns tailored to an individual subscribers' opt in preferences. The Advertising Selection Server also offers a unique interface for inventory and campaign management and acts as a single front-end for advertising players and features a suite of APIs for tight integration with third party services, profiling, and billing systems. The Advertising Selection Server is generally available worldwide as a turnkey product as well as a hosted service.

With the new Advertising Selection Server Alcatel-Lucent continues to provide our customers with new ways to maximize the value of their previous investments and to have a sustainable revenue stream for the foreseeable future, said Rik Missault, Vice President of Alcatel-Lucent's Digital Media and Advertising activities. Our focus now is to enable our customers to participate in new revenue streams via new services or by entering non-traditional market segments.

The Advertising Selection Server supports Alcatel-Lucent's broader personalized content and advertising strategy, which is geared toward enabling the delivery of relevant, interactive and personalized advertising to consumers over communications networks of all kinds. Through a variety of initiatives, Alcatel-Lucent is increasing the value and quality of service provider advertising inventory through personalized, interactive, permission-based marketing, helping advertisers reach the right person, with the right message, on the right device at the right time. With innovative digital media formats, Alcatel-Lucent is enabling relevant conversations between consumers and brands that follow the consumer to the screen of their choice.

About the Alcatel-Lucent Advertising Selection Server

The Alcatel-Lucent 5931 Advertising Selection Server is a platform that enables service providers to deliver rich, profile-targeted advertising across to mobile devices based on individual subscriber profiles and preferences. It provides a unique interface for inventory and campaign management and acts as a single platform to support both push and pull advertising campaign.

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