TOKYO, December 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Graphin Co., Ltd., a rapidly emerging leader for evaluation suites for image sensors, has announced that the GPLAB-CLSYS, the company's GPirates series of evaluation systems for images from CMOS image sensors (CIS), is now fully compliant with the four-lane MIPI CSI-2 standard.

With mobile phones currently equipped with a high-resolution camera function of over 12 million pixels, manufacturers of image sensors and image-sensing processors have begun trial production or are planning volume production of three-lane or four-lane products based on the MIPI CSI-2 standard in anticipation of demand for more sophisticated camera functions such as even higher resolutions, rapid shooting and high-definition image capture with 1,080-line progressive scanning at 60 fps. Graphin, already supplying products compliant with the two-lane MIPI CSI-2 standard, is now ready to meet the market needs for products compliant with the three-lane and four-lane versions.

The GPLAB-CLSYS is fitted with a proprietary capture board with a four-lane PCI Express serial interface to constantly capture data at the maximum speed of 3.2Gbps (800Mbps per lane) when connected to a four-lane MIPI CSI-2 product. With the GPLAB-CLSYS, users can build a capture system with broad bandwidth ranging from one to four MIPI lanes.

Graphin conducted demonstration tests with the Agilent 16900 series logic analyzer from Agilent Technologies Inc., verifying the above performance with one through three lanes of MIPI CSI-2 protocol data generated by the N4861A MIPI D-PHY digital input signal probe.

Product outline:

The GPLAB-CLSYS comes with GPLAB-SKB4, a four-lane skull board compliant with four-lane input, the GPLAB-ADB, an advanced board compliant with MIPI, the GPLAB-CLC, an interface with a PC capture board, and the IPM-8580CL-M-CLSYS, a PC capture board.

The EasyLab, a compact type of image-capturing software which comes as part of the standard offering, allows users to capture images by just following GUI-setting instructions. With an SDK also available, compatibility towards API is ensured with the conventional products, permitting a smooth shift of existing systems.

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