LONDON, November 3, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Trimega Laboratories is looking to rapidly expand its Local Government business, having achieved ISO 14001 certification for its Manchester-based substance abuse testing facilities.

The ISO 14001 standard, which is used by organisations to design and implement an effective environmental management system, is now often a pre-requisite for Local Authorities in the tendering process for new suppliers.

Trimega Laboratories is one of a very small number of specialist companies in the UK that test hair samples for evidence of alcohol or drug abuse. The vast majority of circumstances in which people are required to undergo a hair strand test in the UK are when a child care application is made to a Family Court by one of the UK's 152 Local Authorities. As such Local Authorities and law firms from all over the UK send samples to be tested at Trimega's new state-of-the-art facility at Hexagon Tower in Blackley.

Avi Lasarow, CEO of Trimega Laboratories, commented:

Not only does this strengthen the overall Trimega brand credentials but it also firmly raises the bar in the sector and is another step in showcasing Manchester as a bio-technology hub. This signals a challenge to other testing laboratories to follow suit and contribute to a better environment. In the meantime, as the only substance abuse testing company to hold this accreditation, we look forward to helping many more Local Authorities as a direct result.

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About Trimega Laboratories: Established in London in 2005, Trimega Laboratories ( has developed a range of innovative techniques for testing substances of abuse. Its core business is laboratory-based analysis of hair samples that provides accurate historical records of any alcohol or drugs dependency over a one to 12 month period. In the UK its clients include: Family Law specialists, Social Services, regulatory bodies, professions such as nurses and pilots, as well as being ordered by the Courts directly. Other services offered by Trimega Laboratories include: Roadside Drugalyzer Testing for law enforcement, Hair Steroid Testing for athletes, and most recently, Hair Benzodiazepines Testing. Trimega Laboratories won the title of Best Use of Technology in the 2008 Barclays-sponsored Startups Awards and has been on the shortlist for the National Business Awards three years running. It was also one of 25 companies to represent the UK in the 2010 European Business Awards.

SOURCE: Trimega Laboratories

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