LONDON, March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 13 million(1) people in Britain suffer from hay fever and five million1 of these could be taking inappropriate medicines, which can affect both their health and hip pocket, however, new developments in acupressure may have the answer in the shape of Hay-Band(R).

Borrowing from the principles of acupuncture, Hay-Band(R) is a specially designed acupressure elbow band bringing instant, constant and cost-effective hay fever relief. According to a recent customer survey, Hay-Band(R) was reported to be effective by 74% of respondents(2).

Hay-Band(R) works by exerting a gentle, constant pressure at the elbow crease to bring instant and continuous relief for common hay fever symptoms. Acupuncture and its sister therapy acupressure have been used in traditional Chinese medicine and other eastern cultures to restore vitality and alleviate the symptoms of hay fever for over 2,500 years(3).

Drug-free, Hay-Band(R) does not cause side effects like drowsiness, often associated with hay fever medicines and is safe for patients taking prescription medications and children(4). Hay-Band(R) may be used before or after the onset of symptoms and throughout the day and night. It is also washable, durable, long lasting and offers value for money - a single band will last this hay fever season and beyond.

Available from Lloydspharmacy nationwide the recommended price is GBP9.99. For further information or to buy on line see

Notes to editors:

- Hay-Band customer survey: According to Hay-Band (R) survey over 96% of respondents suffered nose symptoms and over 81% eyes symptoms. The most common treatment used was antihistamines (almost 83%). 69% found Hay-Band(R) to be as good as or more effective than their current treatment. Hay-Band(R) improved quality of life for over 70% of respondents2



2. Hay-Band customer survey of approximately 100 hay fever sufferers conducted in 2008

3. British Acupuncture Council:

4. Best for children aged 8 and over

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