BOZEN, Italy, July 20 -- Health Robotics today announced that it has signed a
definitive agreement with Charite-Universitatsmedizin Berlin. Charite will
install an i.v.STATION robot at its Centrum 14 during the second half of 2009.

The primary challenges in today’s IV Admixture operations are serious
medication errors, high costs, turn-around time, waste, regulatory issues, lack
of audit trails, motion injuries, space constraints and difficulty in
maintaining adequate and trained clinical staff. The i.v.STATION robot that
automatically compounds non-hazardous IV doses and delivers them to the hospital
staff in a ready-to-administer format for antibiotics, pain therapy,
anti-virals, epidurals, and other IV and injectable doses. i.v.STATION was
designed to address the above-mentioned industry-challenges, and to overcome the
fact that until now, the range of products and technology available to mitigate
these issues has consisted of variations on the IV piggyback bag, outsourcing of
IVs, and mid-1990s-developed automated solutions that have seen very limited
adoption and success.

i.v.STATION represents a revolutionary approach in the quest for safe,
accurate, efficient, and cost effective I.V. Admixtures. It offers unprecedented
error reduction, accuracy and sterility benefits, nursing staff labor savings,
all within a scalable and fail-safe architecture. We are delighted to be the
first German hospital to test the exciting new technology of i.v.STATION robot,
stated PD Dr. Hartmut Radtke, Chief of Production of Blood Products at
Charite-Universitatsmedizin Berlin.

We are ecstatic to have been selected by such a prestigious health care
institution as Charite-Universitatsmedizin-Berlin, well known throughout the
world for both its research and patient care excellence. It makes everyone at
our company, especially those of us coming from Sud-Tirol very proud of what we
have accomplished with i.v.STATION this year and to have the great opportunity
to launch Health Robotics’ direct operations in the Federal Republic of
Germany, stated Werner Rainer, CEO of Health Robotics.

About Health Robotics:

Health Robotics is the global leading supplier of life-critical intra-venous
medication preparation, compounding, and dispensing Robots, providing health
care facilities around the world with robotic technology and software automation
solutions. The world-leading solutions CytoCare [hazardous IVs] and i.v.STATION
[non-hazardous IVs] have and will greatly contribute to ease global
hospitals’ clinics’ growing pressures to improve patient safety
through effective and efficient production of sterile, safe, accurate, and
ready-to-administer IVs, to decrease life-threatening medication errors and
cross-contamination risks, and to work more efficiently, increase throughput,
reduce waste, and contain spiraling costs.

About Charite-Universitatsmedizin Berlin:

The Charite is one of the oldest hospitals in Germany and among the largest of
university clinics in Europe today. With a history spanning almost three
centuries, the Charite has produced eight Nobel prize winners and has a
worldwide reputation for excellence in medicine and research. Currently, with a
staff of 10,400 employees, the hospital annually handles in excess of 3,000
inpatient beds, 130,000 inpatient cases and 497,000 outpatient cases under the
motto: Research, Teaching, Healing, Helping. Almost 2,600 scientists and doctors
at the Charite-Universitatsmedizin Berlin are working on developing new
therapies and optimizing existing treatments. In order to best organize
teaching, research, and patient care, the Charite-Universitatsmedizin
established 17 ChariteCenters, housing a total of 107 clinics and institutes of

For additional information, please contact: Health Robotics Gaspar G. DeViedma
Europe: +39-346-963-4934 USA: +1-609-980-7976

SOURCE: Health Robotics

For additional information, please contact: Health Robotics, Gaspar G. DeViedma,
Europe: +39-346-963-4934, USA: +1-609-980-7976,