BOLZANO, Italy, April 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Health Robotics today announced audited results for FY2008 ending December 31, 2008, delivering record levels of firm purchase orders, revenue, earnings and cash flow.

Revenues in FY2008 were EUR8.2 million, a 161% increase year-over-year as the company began to record and enjoy the benefits of its indirect sales-channel franchise fee model, recurring revenue recognition, zero debt financing, worldwide adoption of its technology, and its conservative accounting practices of up-front expenditures with no amortization of RD expenses.

Gross Margins in FY2008 were EUR5.8 million, a 442% increase year-over-year as the company recorded a higher mix of software licenses and other higher margin components as a % of gross revenues, corresponding to its first year accounting of deferred revenues from its franchise-fee recurring-revenue model, delivering FY2008 Gross Margins of 71% versus 34% in FY2007.

EBIDTA Earnings in FY2008 were EUR2.4 million, a 321% increase year-over-year as the company recorded EBITDA Margins of 29% versus 18% in FY2007. Net Profit Earnings in FY2008 were EUR1.7 million, also a 321% increase year-over-year as the company delivered Net Profit Margins of 20% versus 13% in FY2007.

Revenue Backlog [revenue from firm purchase orders that has been deferred to future Fiscal Years] grew to EUR25 million at the end of FY2008, a EUR14 million or 127% increase year-over-year, significantly reducing the pressure to achieve additional sales in the current global economic environment, and ensuring the company's high-double-digits growth and profitability for years to come.

Future Guidance for FY2009 includes a minimum of EUR12 million in Gross Revenues, EUR8 million in Gross Margin, EUR5 million in EBIDTA Earnings, and EUR3 million in Net Earnings, continuing to generate positive cash-flow and recording unprecedented growth across all financial metrics as the company continues to benefit from the recurring-revenue-base emanating from its company-deferred firm purchase orders and franchise fees, and having expensed the majority of RD expenses for its first [CytoCare(TM)] and second [i.v.STATION(TM)] robots.

We are very pleased with our FY2008 results, which reflect excellent execution across Europe, North America, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific in a challenging economic environment. The large size and geographic diversity of our customer base and the long-term strategic relationships we have built with our global partners Devon International Group, B|Braun, Can-Med, Tosho, and AHCSC-Olayan, contributed to our ability to deliver excellent results in a difficult global economic environment. Health Robotics also benefits from offering a product that has no competition whatsoever in the high-growth Oncology Sector and at the same time bringing to market in FY2009 a second product that changes the dynamics of competition in the IV Antibiotics and Pain Therapy markets by delivering a fault-tolerant solution at 1/4 of the price and comparable throughput than our competitors currently offer in the IV Robotics field. These excellent financial results achieved on only our second full year of operations also allowed us to test direct sales operations in certain European and Asia-Pacific areas, and to comfortably plan to develop a third robot [TPNstation] as part of a new strategic partnership expanding from IV Therapy into the Parenteral Nutrition market in FY2010. We expect the demonstrate TPNstation at ASHP 2009 Mid Year Meeting in Las Vegas. stated Werner Rainer, CEO of Health Robotics.

HEALTH ROBOTICS GmbH (Fiscal Code 02493250217) STATEMENT OF EARNINGS (Euros) 2008 2007 EUR Change % Change --------------- -------------- --------------- ---------- Gross Revenues EUR8.166.277 EUR3.133.299 EUR5.032.978 161% Cost of Goods Sold EUR2.402.186 EUR2.069.695 EUR332.491 16% Gross Margin EUR5.764.091 EUR1.063.604 EUR4.700.487 442% --------------- --------------- -------------- ---------- GM% 71% 34% Operating Expenses General Administrative EUR2.654.399 EUR408.600 EUR2.245.799 550% Other EUR732.978 EUR90.006 EUR642.972 714% --------------- --------------- --------------- --------- Total Op. Expenses EUR3.387.377 EUR498.606 EUR2.888.771 579% EBIDTA EUR2.376.714 EUR564.998 EUR1.811.716 321% --------------- --------------- --------------- --------- EBIDTA% 29% 18% Interest Revenue EUR70.511 EUR67.066 EUR3.445 5% --------------- --------------- --------------- --------- Income Taxes EUR791.400 EUR238.878 EUR552.522 231% Effective Tax Rate 33% 38% --------------- --------------- --------------- --------- Net Earnings EUR1.655.825 EUR393.186 EUR1.262.639 321% ============ ========== ============ ====== NET PROFIT% 20% 13%

HEALTH ROBOTICS GmbH (Fiscal Code 02493250217) BALANCE SHEET (Euros) 2008 2007 EUR Change % Change -------------- -------------- --------------- ----------- Assets Cash EUR109.767 EUR626.851 -EUR517.084 -82% Fixed Assets EUR281.298 EUR117.239 EUR164.059 140% Inventory EUR155.409 EUR320.252 -EUR164.843 -51% Accounts Receivable EUR3.767.018 EUR2.661.095 EUR1.105.923 42% -------------- -------------- ---------------- ----------- Total Assets EUR4.313.492 EUR3.725.437 EUR588.055 16% Liabilities Accounts Payable EUR1.257.904 EUR2.844.032 -EUR1.586.128 -56% Provision Income Taxes EUR486.260 EUR219.407 EUR266.853 122% Accrued Payroll Tax EUR59.775 EUR0 EUR59.775 DIV/0 Other Short-Term Debt EUR622.740 EUR216.152 EUR406.588 188% --------------- -------------- ---------------- ----------- Total Liabilities EUR2.542.105 EUR3.291.877 -EUR749.772 -23% ------------- -------------- ---------------- ----------- Stockholders' Equity EUR1.771.387 EUR433.560 EUR1.337.827 309% Total Liabilities Equity EUR4.313.492 EUR3.725.437 EUR588.055 16% ============ ============ ========== ======

About Health Robotics:

Health Robotics is the global leading supplier of life-critical intra-venous medication preparation, compounding, and dispensing Robots, with forty-five-times more units sold that all of its competitors combined, and providing healthcare facilities in four continents with robotics technology and software automation solutions. The world-leading solutions CytoCare [hazardous IVs] and i.v.STATION [non-hazardous IVs] have and will greatly contribute to ease global hospitals' and clinics' growing pressures to improve patient safety through the effective and efficient production of sterile, accurate, and ready-to-administer IVs, to eliminate life-threatening drug-exchange errors, to decrease other medication errors and contamination risks, and to work more efficiently, increase throughput, reduce waste, and contain costs.

For additional information, please contact: Health Robotics Gaspar G. DeViedma Altmanstrasse 9A, Bozen, Sud-Tyrol, I-39100 USA: +1-609-980-7976 EUROPE: +39-346-963-4934

For additional information, please contact: Health Robotics, Gaspar G. DeViedma, Altmanstrasse 9A, Bozen, Sud-Tyrol, I-39100, USA: +1-609-980-7976, EUROPE: +39-346-963-4934,