SAN DIEGO, September 4 /PRNewswire/ --

Helix Wind, Inc., a San Diego, CA based manufacturer of small wind turbines, today entered into a firm sales agreement with EDAL RE, Inc., (Energy Development Argentina Limited), a leading cell phone tower construction and services provider and renewable energy distributor in Argentina.

EDAL is a leading developer of distributed power generation solutions for wireless communications towers in remote areas and in regions with unreliable power supplies, as well as for irrigation and liquids pumping applications. The company plans on targeting markets in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil, Aruba and the Antilles. The Agreement, which provides for the purchase of at least 1,500 units over the next three years, reflects the growing demand for renewable energy solutions in South America, and the increasing cost of petroleum based mobile power generation.

"The flexibility of the Helix platform makes it ideal for a diverse range of applications, from distributed off grid power generation to water pumping for irrigation and drinking," says Helix Wind CEO, Ian Gardner. "We're pleased to be partnering with a leader in this field in the South American markets." Javier Wolcoff, President and CEO of EDAL, adds, "We evaluated a number of vertical axis wind turbines before selecting Helix for our customers. The flexibility of the platform, aesthetics of the design, efficiency and durability, and the ease of installation were all factors that contributed to our decision. We're excited about bringing such an iconic and innovative product to South America."

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